Saturday, February 5, 2011

Celebs in Lululemon: Devon Aoki

2 Fast 2 Furious Actress Devon Aoki wearing Lululemon in Hollywood on Thursday. She is wearing the Ikat Willpower Pullover and Still Pants - both roomy choices for pregnant ladies.


Anonymous said...

The Lululemon brand is selling so fast Lululemon has thrown quality control out of the window, the boxes are shipped directly from China to the stores now.

I washed my LS Rubber Ducky Cabin Tee for the 1st time and there are loose threads, it looks like runs throughout the top, and they had the nerve to increase the price by $10.00.

erica said...

i would never order from the website because i need to see the garment in person. i bought a pair of repetition crops at the store and had to pick through the rack because at least one of them had fraying seams!

quality control was a problem even 2 years ago when a SA told me that my WUs were a bad batch because they started pilling within two days of wear.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Cabin tee at the store it was only when it was washed it came apart.

LuluAddict said...

Post your issues on the Lululemon Facebook site. That is ridiculous. They need to get a grip on their quality issues which are becoming pandemic across every line they produce. Their quality has gone out the window and it's disgusting. I carefully inspect everything I get these days. I won't buy anything with loose threads. I won't buy any Strides or In Strides because of all the issues they are having. I haven't bought the Sri Lankan Swiftly shirts because I've heard bad things about how those wear. I am pretty much restricting myself to tanks, Define Jackets, and Scuba Hoodies. I am lucky that I live near a store so I can bring something in when it starts to unravel but I shouldn't have to.

I am boycotting all the black luon pants these days unless it "feels" like the old luon. The new stuff is so cheap feeling - scratchy and thin and no shaping whatsoever. I search through the stacks for older pants with the right feel but those are hard to come by these days. I have enough pants for now but I'll have to find a new brand to replace my Lulus. Any suggestions? I've tried Beyond Yoga and Zobha and think Zobha approximates the feel of luon. I am waiting for a sale to try more of their pants. I also want to try Lole, MPG, Elisabetta Rogiani, Nux, and maybe Sugoi and CW-X. If anyone has these let me know how they are.

One reason I didn't get the Oasis wrap because I am afraid it wouldn't wear well for $78 and I could get a Hard Tail one at Nordstrom Rack that would wear better for less money. I got the initial run of the Cabin LS and the gray side has pilled a little bit under the arms. I don't wear it that much but I still don't like that it's doing that for the price.

Anonymous said...

I'm also disgusted w/ Lulu quality & have hardly been on their FB lately because of it. I adore the way that their clothes fit & make me look, but the endless excuses are getting so lame.

Also, I don't like their stock manipulation---deliberately making their items in not enough quantities so that everyone will get worked up & rush out to buy. It's beyond annoying to come back from work, see a just in notice, & find the items completely sold out in all colorways & in all sizes. How stupid is that. Lululemon no longer has any regard for their customers & I refuse to be manipulated like that. I'm just wearing what I have & buying when I find something that I really like. I can't say that I have any loyalty or enthusiasm for the brand anymore as I did in the past. I don't even recommend them to friends anymore.

momof5 said...

I just had to contact the GEC regarding my Chai Time pullover -- I washed it in cold water once, hung to dry and the upper sleeve where it connects to the body of the sweater completely unravelled leaving a one inch hole in the sweater-- this is completely unacceptable for an 88 dollar sweater-- especially for casual wear. When I called they told me to send pix to gec. I also included pixs of my husbands ridiculously pilling Elevation jacket that has the fill coming out on the sleeves and is pilling. I am awaiting their response. I finally get him to try some lulu -- and this is what happens. granted I paid 99 for the jacket but still --I have never seen a "quality jacket" loose its filling after a few weeks. Unacceptable.

I alos will not buy the strides because of all the issues ---especially since I live no where near a store and their response is always -- bring it in to be evaluated -- such hogwash!!

I fear they may have jumped the shark!

Anonymous said...

My friends pique pants are also having issues, abrasion marks on the rear and thigh areas. I was told to be careful of the Pique line.

LuluAddict said...

@ momof5 - Jumped the Shark indeed! It's one reason I've been looking around at other brands. The only bad thing about other brands is that the tops tend to be short and Lululemons are nice and long. I don't have too much issue with the technical tops, though (yet). It's the black luon pants and non-technical stuff I stay away from these days.

I think you have to be very careful about what Lululemon puts on markdown these days, particularly if the first markdown is significant and not a paltry $9. They are pulling what I used to find with Lucy - the defective stuff was marked down to a very attractive price - and then a seam would unravel or a strap would break. That is one reason I stopped buying Lucy. That was four years ago and maybe the new ownership has changed this practice but they burned me a few times so I don't shop there too much anymore.

@ anon 12:43 pm - Interesting about the pique. I was leery of pique. It's super soft and cozy feeling but it seemed like it wouldn't be that durable to me. I know I snag stuff at the drop a hat. I have 7 swiftly tees and long sleeves and I've already snagged three of them. Two were snagged in the wash and they were in a mesh bag so I have no idea what they are snagging on. I like those tops a lot but they are too fragile.

LuluAddict said...

@ momof5 - I know you buy a lot of Zobha - how are you finding the quality? I have a few pieces but I wear it mostly around the house so it doesn't get worn a ton. It seems to be holding up well so far. The fit is a bit different but so far, it's my second choice after Lululemon.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to lululemon and found lots of helpful tips on this blog. One thing i did notice was they are always limited on their quantities... is it really true that they purposely make quantities unavailable to boost sales? If so, that really sucks. Before lulu, I was hooked on brazalian active wear and most of their stuff is pretty good- i would suggest upvibe. :p

momof5 said...

@LLA -- I haven't tried any of the pants other than one pair that I returned -- but I was between sizes (after baby)then -- so it might have just been me --
I like the tops a lot better now that they also include the cups -- yet -- they all seem thick to me -- I like the lightweghtness of the lulu tops for cardio -- but for pilates/yoga I think the zobha is fine. They do not change their style/colors much though -- I wouldn't pay full price for a Zobha tank -- but I would definitely snag one on sale - whereas I will pay full price for a tech Lulu top. They ones I have though hold up very well -- no color fade, no stretch or shrink, and no pilling

I am where you are -- I am really disappointed in the non tech wear and will stay away from it until they resolve their quality issues. My cabinLS is pilling between the layers as well - and for 68 -- that should not happen. That is one of the reasons I did not bite on the new ones. I am also leary of Loot stock that moves in quickly for quality issues. I am getting very disappointed in the quality lately -- I started wearing it over 6 years ago and then it seemed special -- now it seems overpriced

Ashley said...

Gosh, I second the Anon poster who was complaining about the limited quantities and sizes - this is why I don't get excited about Lulu anymore. Why bother? They are just trying to create a mad fury for thier stuff, but it seems to be backfiring because I too am searching other workout clothing manufacturers.

LuluAddict said...

Lululemon has admitted they deliberately run a "scarcity model" with their clothing to create a [artificial] demand for their product. There are certain core items - Push UR Limits tanks, Scoop Neck Tanks, and Cool Racerbacks. Those will be produced again and again but colors will get retired. The Hot Class and No Limits is an example of a tank that will come back periodically. Tanks like the Power Dance are probably a one and done type thing but you never know. If it sells well, they'll bring them back again.

To get the Lululemon item you want:

1) Be on line at 7:30 am PST on Thursday mornings. Uploads tend to start around 8 am but sometimes it's a bit early. By the time you get an email about new things, the popular things are gone in your size.

2) Order the item you want right away, especially if it is a popular size (4,6) or hot item (Cabin Long sleeve). Do not try to wait until the upload is over to make one big order. Sometimes the upload stretches out over an hour. Shipping is free and built into the high prices of the items. Don't feel bad about getting multiple shipments.

3) If you can't find it at a local store, start calling strategic partner studios and gyms. Sometimes they will ship. Sometimes other stores will ship to you. Let your fingers do the walking.

4) Try the Lulululemon Exchange Facebook Group for hard to find items.

5) Try eBay.

6) Keep an eye out for returns to be restocked on the website. They usually show up about noon PST.

7) Become an obsessive checker of the website (i.e., Lulu OCD - many of us suffer from it ;-) ). Long sleeve swiftlys were just restocked this afternoon.

8) Accept your fate if you didn't get it, it wasn't meant to be. I've been buying Lulu long enough to know that if you don't get what you want, something cuter will probably come along.

Miss Melissa said...

Ive sold most of my lulu stuff and only kept what I need and wear. I will admit that I don't tend to follow the washing instructions but my 2 year old groove pants that have been washed and placed in the dryer many many times have no piling, holes or fading.

My power ys have some piling but partly my fault for putting them in the dryer but the quality isn't there anymore. It like what happened to Roots (a Canadian company) a few years ago. Everything was made in Canada at Roots it was apart of them and the company, now its all made in China.

A yoga instrutor that I regularly go to her classes wears all Lulu and the newer stuff and the crops/pants she wears its bad. So thin you can see her underwear - very distracting when she demostrates a forward bend. I know teachers get a discount for shopping there but it turns me off from getting more pants there.

Anonymous said...

Lululemon has many cute styles and some great items, such as the Define Jacket, Power Y, Scuba Hoodie. But they are cranking out a lot of poor quality and gimmicky looks lately. It is the poor quality that prevents me from buying many new items. I am willing to pay top dollar for top quality, but that is not the case with many of Lululemon's products. And the limited quantities is simply ingenious creates a buy-it-now urgency. Going back to the poor quality, I believe big money and greed is to blame.

Anonymous said...

I moved from lulu to Lucy. Their quality has gotten much better and lasts so much longer. I wash and dry all my workout gear from them and don't have problems with pilling or loose threads like lulu. MPG is also a fave of mine and glad to see Athleta carrying them bc Athleta branded clothing looks good but the quality is also poor!

Yogi-Texas said...

Lulu Addict and friends,

I have ready many of your posts and I agree that once Lulu moved the clothing operations to China that quality has been way..way down. While I have tried most brands...ALO, Zobha, etc...Read the labels as these guys make many things in Asia and China.

Lately, I have fallen in love with Tonic Lifestyle Apparel. They are a Canadian based company and all of their products are Made in Canada. The Supplex collection is elegant and sophisticated. Colors are bold, beautiful, and classy. No trendy patterns at Tonic, Classic is the word I would use....!!!! Feels great on the skin, gives me support, fabric breathes, wicks, and drys quickly. Anti-pil and colors will not fade. These things Tonic boasts and they deliver. I see sewing quality has been a problem, but upon inspection and trial of many pieces I have never had a problem.

Bonus points to Tonic for their Eco Collection on Bamboo/Organic Cotton and a Merino Wool collection.....Love my Tonic and have not thought twice about going back to Lulu

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more about everything that is being said about Lulu...Quality used to be great, but when moved over to China product suffered.

Lulu has done a lot for the athletic/yoga community, but when they went public....They have share holders to answer to...Period.

My Favorite new brand in Tonic Lifestyle Apparel. Made in Canada. Quality is incredible, colors will not fade, anti-pill, odor resistant. I have washed and used countless times and they just keep going. My advice ass with all Supplex is to never treat them to the inside of a Dryer....Just plain bad for fabrics and the energy is wasted as supplex dry quickly....Just Sayin'

Tonic will give you all the support that one needs...Fabric is soft and luxurious, wick and fry quickly.

Upon further inspection...Check your labels as some of the brands mentioned are Made in China as well.