Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Upcoming Items in the Current Palette

My Australian product alerts had the following in their stores so we can look forward to getting these some day:

  • Scoop Neck Tanks: Passion/Passion Microstripe (MS), Faded Zap/FZMS, and Aruba/Black 
  • Push UR Limits:  Faded Zap Microstripe (not sure if this is the solid body with the stripe straps or all microstripe), Passion/Passion MS, Snorkel Blue (not sure if has microstripe straps or not)

Also, some of my US store alerts had the new Retro Groove bag in a couple of new colors that I wonder if clothes will also come in:

The color code to this was FLSH. I'm hoping that stands for Flash. It reminds me a bit of Fruity Tootie. I hope some clothes come in this pink. It's fun.

This bag was coded SPRI which I think stands for Spring or Sprinkler.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if this colour/style combo has already been announced but did you also see the scoop neck will come in Concord Grape/Concord Grape Ikat?

criste said...

@LA, I believe FLSH is "Flush". I haven't seen it in person but I really hope they make more items in it also!

Luna said...

wooo, i would love to see Faded Zap MS Push UR Limits!