Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spring 2011 Colors - Rubber Ducky, Beachy Green, Purple Crush, Aruba, Concord Grape

The Yorkdale store has a series of Facebook posts with the latest colors. This is the lineup for the women's line. I think we knew about all of these colors anyway from the Australian product alerts and the new Retro Groove bag and headband releases.

It's hard to tell exactly what these colors will look like between using Photoshop to approximate them and the variations in computer monitors but we can take a shot by looking at what has been released so far:

The inside of the new gym bag gives a hint of what Concord Grape, Purple Crush, and Beachy Green look like. All of these colors look very similar to older ones except for the Concord Grape which looks a bit like the men's Dahlia to me.

Concord Grape actually similar to Very Violet but that could be the lighting in this photo. It also could be more like Jellybean:
Spark Tank in Jellybean purple

Beachy Green looks a lot like Lagoon:

Lagoon CRB
or maybe more like the old Caribe:

Older Style Extend Crops in Caribe

Caribe and Aruba were paired together in tops before:
The yellow looks more like Chirp than Mac N Cheese:

Mac N Cheese CRB

Chirp Define Jacket


amber said...

Confession: Much as I love Passion as a stand alone color, the snorkel blue/passion/faded zap trio just wasn't doing it for me on the new wunder unders, so I actually returned all of my new stuff. After seeing this list of spring colors, I'm glad I did. :) I particularly love the concord, aruba and beachy green. Here's to cute tanks and color combos in the upcoming line!

Anonymous said...

I just returned all of my passion/snorkel blue, and faded zap stuff too. Just didn't love any of it, and love the new colors coming out. I can't wait! Love the new gym bag as well...just can't decide between Aruba or Coal!?!

LuluAddict said...

@ anonymous - Coal is more practical but Aruba is fun. It reminds me of summer and the beach and pina coladas (my summer drink). Mmmm. Putting on my older Aruba /Caribe/Gulf stuff always puts me in a good mood.

Luvlulu said...

After seeing this post, I think I am going to return my Resolution LS in snorkel. I have it in white and love it but just don't love snorkel blue on me in a long sleeve. I can't wait to see what comes out in the new colors. I really want more running luon in a simple design.

LuluAddict said...

@ Amber - It's hard to get excited over any one solid color and Lululemon hasn't given us much to coordinate and expand a wardrobe in that palette. Even though I bought a Passion Define I didn't get really jazzed about it until I brought it home and found four different old print/pattern tops I could coordinate with it. Lululemon has made a mistake by getting rid of multi-colored prints/patterns. I can't get that excited about a solid colored tank with the same solid colored jacket over it. Yawn. But you put out a couple of tanks that use multiple colors of the same palette - similar to the multi ponch stripe power y - and you start people buying items to match with it. Even better, a white based tank with a print that uses several colors of the palette. Then you can buy multiple solid color jackets to go with it.

It's not an accident that I bought the Wish Heart Tank accented with poncho stripe, the wish poncho stripe power y, and the static wish CRB. They are all in the Wish Blue but not even remotely similar. I haven't pulled the trigger on a matching jacket for them yet but it's on my list of things to get.

I think they may be dipping their toe back into prints/patterns. Some of the Australian product alerts have listed the Itak/Ikat print and the lulumum blog speculates it's the blotchy patternm we're seeing inside the Retro Groove bag. It doesn't do much for me right now but I am starved for prints.

Becky C said...

I'm loving the color posts...who knew colors were so exciting!

chelsea said...

new spring colors make me so anxious for spring weather even though i know it's far off here in pittsburgh.

Aussie gal said...

Concord Grape is one of the other colours the Lullure CRB comes in too.

amber said...

@Lulu - Yup, couldn't agree with you more. And really, I'd even be happy with more tanks in space dye or stripes or something like that, doesn't even need to be a full on print. I also am finding that I'm really sensitive to the way they combine colors in their jackets and pants. If the full color scheme doesn't seem to work for me, I'm out. I would love to see the ikat print in a tank, though. I think it's really pretty.