Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Photos of New Stuff - Heathered Beachy Green Scuba, Rubber Ducky CRB and More

Heathered Purple Crush and Heathered Beachy Green Scuba Hoodies

I am liking both of these Hoodies a lot. My preference is for the Purple Crush but I have to get out of my purple rut. Both are super cute.

Close Up of Heathered Beachy Green

All the new CRB colors - Rubber Ducky yellow, Concord Grape, Aruba, Purple Crush, and Beachy Green
All the latest Groove Pant Bands - Concord Grape/Ikat, Heathered Purple Crush/Purple Crush, Quilted Ray Ikat, and Beachy Green/Aruba

All the flavors of Reverse Groove Shorts

Speed Up Tank in Aruba

When the Light Up tank came out it was $68 and the price was jacked up because of the reflective tape they put on the straps and bra of the tank. Well, now Lululemon has removed the reflective tape, renamed the tank to Speed Up, and kept the price the same. WTH? It's an OK tank but not worth $10 more than the more expensive tanks Lululemon makes. Boo.


Makavelina said...

I looove both of those hoodie colors!!! I never imagined myself investing so much info workout clothes, but these are so amazing it is worth it :D

Neph said...

Pretty colors this season but not for me. These easter-egg pastels look bad on me. I'm half asian, half white, and pastels on my yellow-tone skin aren't as flattering as darker jewel tones. Pastel purples are the worst. Maybe Concord Grape might work. Beachy Green might be okay too, but honestly, it looks a lot like Caribe and Lagoon, which I have enough pieces in.