Monday, January 10, 2011

Photos of the Latest Stuff - Repetition Crop, New Grooves and More

Ikat CRB and Repetition Crops in Concord Grape

I think the Repetition Crops are so cute. I hope they go to a twelve but I suspect they only go to a ten since that is what I saw in the store.

Full length view of the Repetition Crop

My memory was wrong - the waistband is as wide as Wunder Unders. The inside of the waistband has the Ikat print on it. Do some people fold over the waistband? Is that why they do this on the crops?

Bottom detail on the Repetition Crop

Regular Groove Waistband in the Ikat Print and Concord Grape. Ikat Flow Y under the Tee shirt.

Two New Reverse Groove Shorts in Ikat/Concord Grape


Laura said...

The first pair of shorts look like boogie shorts, no?

Laura said...

hmm... maybe not. the inseam looked shorter in this pic, but after second thought, its not short enough. nevermind! :)

strawb3rries said...

I think they would be way too low cut if you folded them over.... maybe it's just there to make the wearer smile while she puts them on :D lol

Melissa said...

do you remember the cost of the crops?

LuluAddict said...

The Repetition crops are $78. I think I have a photo of the tag a few posts down.