Monday, January 17, 2011

NEW! Purple Crush Push UR Limits

I've been reaching for my Push UR Limits tanks a lot lately and wouldn't mind getting another one. This is Purple Crush and Coal. I may have to try this one on because Purple Crush is very pretty. There is also a Rubber Ducky Yellow. I wonder if there will be a problem with the Purple Crush Push because the Purple Crush Speed Up tank were recalled and taken off the website twp days after they were uploaded for color variation problems. I'm not sure exactly what that means but some said it's because the color varied from tank to tank. I don't think that would be a sufficient reason for a recall. Usually the clothes are recalled for bleeding issues so I am assuming that is more likely the issue. I know a reader mentioned the new Lively Crewneck tank in Concord had a very blotchy dye job so that is what I'm thinking when Lulu says color variation. I'll have to ask at the store when I see these.

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