Monday, January 17, 2011

NEW! The latest Push UR Limits, Swiftly Long Sleeve, and Power Ys

The latest batch of Push UR Limits in Purple Crush/Coal, Rubber Ducky/Static Coal/Coal, and Aruba. I'm not sure if I like the Rubber Ducky one that much after all. It would look better paired with coal bottoms but I hardly ever wear coal bottoms.

Rubber Ducky Power Y

Love this print!!! (Is this the Waterwall print?)

Don't quote me on this, it may be a random thing - An educator told one of the readers that the No Limit came in a Coal/Purple Crush floral print. However, the Coal/PC No Limits we have seen so far don't have a floral print. I am hoping she was a little mixed up and there is another tank coming out in a floral print and I am thinking (hoping) this might be the floral print. Anyway, I'll keep my ears and eyes peeled for more info about a floral print tank.

Live Healthy Wraps in Concord, Off White (don't know the name), and Black

New Long Sleeve Swiftly Techs in Aruba/Dark Classic Sport Gray and Black

Not sure if I like the black that much from these photos. I'll have to see it in person. I have a photo of a black Swiftly tank from last summer and I much prefer the darker black but these tanks were made in Israel and not by the new Sri Lankan vendor.


LisaLuvsLulu said...

LA - I agree with you about the Black LS Swiftly. I saw it in person today and it looks like Charcoal to me. Definitely not true black like the picture from last summer. I didn't notice those last summer - bummer! =)

Anonymous said...

I loooove that orange color! What is it called?!

Lulupetite said...

LuluAddict: have these LS Swiftlys been uploaded for online sale? I missed them in the stores and am now wishing I could get my hands on one...