Monday, January 3, 2011

Celebs in Lululemon: Reese Witherspoon and Fiance Jim Toth

Reese Witherspoon and her fiance were both decked out in Lululemon to go jogging in Santa Monica on December 31. It's always fun to spot men wearing Lulu - invariably there is a woman behind them who introduced them to the brand. My husband finally admitted he likes their shorts and has been trying to buy them off eBay. He hates to pay a lot for his clothes and refuses to spend $64 on shorts. I've had a hard time finding them for him on the markdown rack lately in his size and in colors other than squash orange (I'm sorry, electric carrot), purple, and pink.

He is wearing the Run: Response Shorts and she is wearing Wunder Under Crops and an old Shape Jacket (I think).


Tessa'sMom said...

My husband *refuses* to wear lululemon... I've been trying to convince him how fabulous it is, but on the other hand why do that -- if he's happy with 30.00 shorts why buy 65.00 ones right? LOL

m i s s . k r i s t a said...

My boyfriend use to refuse to "bow down to the lulu". But... I'm a magic worker!:) He now owns 2 pairs of response shorts, a pacific beach hoodie (that he's absolutely in love with!), a men's tank thing (can't remember the name) and two different lululemon long sleeves.
He told me the other days after we went to lulu that "they have so many nice things", duhhh boyfriend. Why do you think I'm poor?! Haha:)He does still think the prices are ridiculous though.
I have my mother converted... She gets lulu all the time now, whether it's buying it herself or as gifts. And... I got my dad going too! He tried on one of my boyfriend's long sleeve shirts, and was like "OMG". He now has that long sleeve, two pairs of pants, and I'm sure there will be more to come.
My brother... he better watch out. He's next on my list!

LuluAddict said...

I love that - "Duh, Boyfriend. Why do you think I'm poor?" I don't know if I have converted my BIL and brother yet but they always get Lulu for Xmas. Both are active so it's easy to get stuff for them. I always find stuff for them on the markdown rack when the seasons change. The only other convert I have made is my sister but she is on board now, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh once I was converted (used to wear lots of Nike) I started converting everyone! Now my husband,my sister & BIL, brother and 2 friends all swear by lulu! Also my nine year old asked for lulu for Christmas! I love Lululemon, but I just wish they would go back to some "classic" styles. Some of the designs right now are too out there!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend has the hot pink Run:Response shorts and looks hip and awesome in them - he pairs them with a dark gray Metal Vent Tech shirt. He used to be appalled by Lulu's prices as well but is now a convert.