Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Is the Run: Energy SL Coming Back?

One of my favorite tanks, the Run: Energy SL is newly featured on an Australian Facebook page. I tend to think this might be some old stock that Lululemon sent to Australia but I really hope it means the Energy SL might be coming back. Since it isn't a new color I am leaning towards thinking it's old stock. Also, Lululemon is using the ugly silverescent circle mesh in the women's line, even though for some reason the men's still has regular silverescent. I do hope it means the Energy SL might come back but I won't hold my breath. Drats!

Tomorrow's Upload - What Are You Hoping For?

I have to say the only thing I am looking for is a surprise new tank, top, or jacket because I am not that excited about what has been released this week. Passion seems to wash me out and I'm not that into Snorkel Blue or Faded Zap. The big ruffled CRB is very cute but I can't see myself wearing it to the gym much for spin class or weight lifting. I might change my mind on that one if I try it on again.

I also liked the Resolution Longsleeve a lot but I'd prefer different colors. As someone else commented I like bright colored tanks but when it comes to long sleeved tops I prefer more muted or jewel tones so I can also use them as streetwear. Also, the white was very nice but I know I'd stain it within a week. I really hope this top comes out in coal/silver. I am hoping for a second color run in this top but you never know with Lululemon. I hope they make this top a staple because it's a great basic.

What are you hoping for?