Saturday, December 25, 2010

More New Stuff - Ambition Tights, Inner Awareness Tank, Define Jackets, and More in the Newest Colors

Run: Ambition Tights in Snorkel Blue (shown with Snorkel Blue Microstripe Run: Resolution Pullover)

 Ambition Tights in Passion/Passion Microstripe

Long Sleeve Swiftly in Passion - so pretty!

Define Jackets in Faded Zap and Snorkel Blue - Also in Passion

Inner Awareness in Faded Zap - Also comes in Snorkel Blue/Black and Passion

Hmmm, now that the super comfortable Inner Awareness tank is out in more colors I might get one after all. I liked the fit and feel of the Power Purple one I ordered but already had a CRB in that color so couldn't see getting another solid tank in that color. I am liking the Faded Zap and Passion. I don't have any Passion Tanks yet.

Power Y in Passion Microstripe/Passion - Also in Faded Zap MS and Snorkel Blue MS

There are also new Swiftly LS in Snorkel, Passion, and Faded Zap. There are new Hustle tanks in Static Passion and Static Snorkel and new Grooves and Astro pants in the new colors.

So, I don't know if anything is really calling my name. I am not feeling any major must-have-it-now lust upon viewing all my product alerts. I do like the Resolution LS but I really don't need it. Maybe I'll sit on my Xmas money/giftcards and wait until a real must-have comes along. However, I might go out tomorrow after all and see what is on the racks. The markdown list the lulumum blog had wasn't super appealing to me. I get more turned on by 50%-off numbers. Is anything of the new stuff appealing to you?

Pics of the Newest Stuff - Resolution & Ambition Pullovers and Outward Bound Jacket

I hope you are all having a nice Christmas. I am playing with my new iPod Nano and can't wait to take it to the gym. Lululemon didn't do an upload today but I would think there will be one tomorrow the way they are promoting Boxing Day sales/new items on Facebook. I doubt I will go to the store tomorrow because it is typically crazy shopping tomorrow but you never know. If I go early enough it shouldn't be too bad. Here are some photos of the newest stuff to help you when you shop tomorrow:

Some close up photos of the new Outward Bound Running jacket. Not sure what the extra zipper is for. I would assume cooling.

 Run: Resolution Pullovers (Snorkel and Passion) and Run: Ambition Pullover (white) - Shown with the new Rad Plaid Speed Shorts and Ambition Tights

Details on the Ambition Pullover

Snorkel Ambition Pullover

Close Ups of the Run: Resolution Pullover