Monday, December 20, 2010

NEW! Resolution LS, Power Purple Hustle Jacket, Micro Stripe Black Power Y, & Ruffled CRB

New Resolution Long sleeve top. It's cute but I (think I) can resist since I already have four running luon tops. I'd love to see the other colors. I bet the price is somewhere around $78 based on the Dash LS price.

Hustle Jacket in Power Purple. This one is kind of fun.

New Power Y in Black Microstripe. I really love the dark contrast stitching.

Special Edition Ruffled CRB - front view

Ruffled CRB Back View

I'll be honest. I'm trying not to buy any new Lululemon this week in the hopes that there is a gift card or two under the tree with my name on it. I am also hoping to snap up some post Christmas deals. However, I am liking the microstripe black Power Y and the Resolution LS is kind of cute. Must be strong....