Saturday, December 18, 2010

Photo of the New Sailor Stripe Power Y

I found this on eBay. It's the new black sailor stripe Power Y. (It's size 8 and has a start price of $29.99 for those of you who are interested.)

Photos of the Newest Stuff plus new Running Luon Pullover - Run: Resolution

Denver Mom reports she has seen a new hooded, running luon pullover in static gray, static black,microstripe passion and microstripe snorkel blue. There is a zipper at the neck and is called the Run: Resolution Pullover. As soon as I find a photo I will post it.

Photo of the Static Coal SE Ruffled CRB

The Yogi Dance Jacket now comes in Coal Pique luon. Also, Define Jacket and new Scoop Neck in Sailor Stripe.

 A rare photo of the back of the new Sailor Stripe Define Jacket.

Black Sailor Stripe Live Simply Tee

Define Jacket in the Black Sailor Stripe layered over the White Sailor Stripe Live Simply Tee

White Yogi Dance Jacket

The Rejuvenate Jacket looks cute on this woman.

This photo is from Australia. I think the new organic waterwall print wunder under crops look a bit like long johns in this photo; maybe because of the majority white background.