Thursday, December 16, 2010

NEW!! Run: Ambition Pullover (Brushed Power Luxtreme)

Hmmm, the new Run: Ambition Pullover looks cute enough. I like the solid color and very clean lines that are not mucked up with ribbon detailing or blocks of static luxtreme. Looking forward to trying this on but I didn't think the brushed power luxtreme was super warm. Comes in Snorkel Blue, Passion, and Black. I got this from a Seattle area store and the Santa Monica store so it's here in SoCal. I will have to hunt it down this weekend.

Product Info:
  • Be ambitious! This longer length pullover keeps your bum warm during winter runs
  • Introducing new Brushed power luxtreme™, softer and warmer than the old favourite
  • Body-mapped anti-stink circle mesh panels
  • Running luon® cuffs with thumbholes and tuckins keep your hands warm
  • Customize warmth and ventilation with 2 cinches at your hood!
  • Kangaroo pocket with hidden music storage
  • Easy access back zipper pocket for cards, keys & sport snacks 
  • Snorkel Blue, Passion, Black, Sizes 2-12

Tattoos on the Lululemon Models - What Do You Think?

A few of you have pointed out some of the new models have lower back tattoos. I know tattoos are hugely popular right now, particularly with people under age 40. I live in Southern California where lots of people have lots of large tattoos covering significant portions of their body. When our family went back east to New York City and Boston, we saw far fewer and smaller tattoos on people. Certainly a lot less of the sleeve type so I think the popularity is certainly regional.

I found a couple of different groups of statistics on the demographics of tattoos from Wikipedia:

In September 2006, the Pew Research Center conducted a telephone survey which found that 36% of Americans ages 18–25, 40% of those 26-40 and 10% of those 41-64 had a tattoo.[10] In January 2008, a survey conducted online by Harris Interactive estimated that 14% of all adults in the United States have a tattoo, just slightly down from 2003, when 16% had a tattoo. Among age groups, 9% of those ages 18–24, 32% of those 25-29, 25% of those 30-39 and 12% of those 40-49 have tattoos, as do 8% of those 50-64. Men are just slightly more likely to have a tattoo than women (15% versus 13%)[11]

I'm in my forties so I missed out on getting a tattoo but I'm sure if I was in my twenties today I'd most likely have one. Do you think the Lululemon models with visible tattoos makes a difference to their customers, especially the new ones? Do you think it makes the company seem more contemporary or more downscale or maybe both? I am interested in hearing your opinion. I'm a huge fan of the design and function of the clothes so I guess I don't care too much as long as the tattoos the models are sporting are somewhat discreet. If they start looking like Michelle McGee (the "other woman" in Sandra Bullock's marriage) then I guess I might be a little turned off.

NEW! Big Ruffled SE CRB and Static Mid Gray Waterwall Print Candlelight Tank

From a US store product alert - a new Special Edition Cool Racerback. It comes in Black, White, and Static Coal, sizes 2-12. It's very different. I definitely want to try it on but I can't make up my mind whether I like it or not from the photo.

New Candlelight print tank in Static Mid Gray Black Water Wall print (color code STMGbkww). It's weird the prints on the gray backgrounds are only on the front. I'll be honest, I much prefer the prints to be on all sides of the tank. Otherwise it looks cheap.

OT - Facebook? Are Other People Having Trouble With It?

Are any one you having trouble getting on Facebook. My screen is blank when I try to get to it and my iPhone app isn't working. I'm hoping it isn't just me.

Cute Photo of the Live Simply Jacket

You really need snow to do the Lulujacquard print justice. This is such a cute photo.

Today's Upload - Some Goodies

The Black Roses CRB finally made it to the US. It's in my cart but I'm not sure if I am going to order it yet. I already have the Black Roses Power Y and it seems silly to have two full-print black roses items. However, if they came up with a Heart Tank with Black Rose I'd get it right away.

The Heathered Pig Pink/Very Violet Scuba is cute. I love the Very Violet logo on the hood. If you are a size 10 or 12, order one now because it seems the Scubas are selling out in the larger sizes first.

The Sparkle Scubas were also uploaded. The Heathered Casis is pretty. The Coal/Lime Lululjaquard SE Scuba was also uploaded.

Both the Black and Coal Groove pants were uploaded today. They are so soft. I'd almost buy them to wear around the house as my daytime pajamas except that they're so pricey.

 The Coal/Black Roses Live Simply tee showed up but the print is only on the front and the back and sleeves  are blank. This is different than the white version where the print is all over. I think I prefer the print all over.

What did you get today?