Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some New Items Uploaded to the Website Tonight

 This girl fills out the Stand Strong Much Nicer than the Web Model

 Wunder Under Winter Quilt III - showing Black Microstripe, Coal, Black Pique, Power Purple Microstripe

Cuddle Up Pant
Black Roses Speed Shorts

A few new things were uploaded tonight in advance:
  • Stand Strong Tank in Power Purple and Coal
  • Wunder Under in Winter Quilt III
  • Cuddle Up Pants
  • Speed Shorts in Black Rose Print and Power Purple
  • Brushed Wunder Pants
  • Winter Running Glove, Scarves

Heads Up From Australia

Snorkel Blue/Snorkel Blue Microstripe Stride Jacket

Other goodies that will be coming:

  •  Also, Strides in Passion/Passion Microstripe, Faded Zap
  • Black Sailor Stripe/White Power Y (I might get this one, I love the B&W Sailor Stripe)
  • Run Revitalize Tank in Snorkel Blue/Snorkel Blue Microstripe and Passion/Passion Microstripe
  • Happy Heat Tank in Black and White

Upload Thursday Wishes

I think my top pick for tomorrow is probably the Inner Awareness Tank. I'm not sure whether I'd get the Power Purple or the Black/Black Microstripe Version. There is also a solid black version.

A second choice for me might be the Black Roses CRB because I like my BR Power Y so much.

A third choice might be one of the MUPS Scubas but now that I see more photos of people modeling it, I am having second thoughts about the stripes making me look wider/shorter or being too busy. I really have to try this one on to make a decision. I love my Plum Scuba so I am thinking maybe I'd just go for a great solid color. I am also a sucker for the Classic/Dark Classic Sport Gray color block combo. I have a Remix Light (Please, please bring that jacket back, Lulu!) in those colors and wear it all the time. I would also like a brown or heathered Fox colored Scuba.

What are you looking for tomorrow?

Photos of Newest Stuff: Scubas, Inner Awareness, Yogi Dance Crop

This Power Y showed up in a product alert email. The color code is WHTAGTS which I think stands for White Ash Gray Tiny Stripe and will be an upcoming color.

More photos of the newest Scubas. Has anyone seen the MUPS Scubas in stores in Southern California? The product alerts that I've gotten so far have shown they've received the Luluacquard onces but not the striped ones. I'm hoping the stripes show up on line tomorrow.

Another photo of the microstripe Inner Awareness Tank. I guess it is a longer tank after all. I think I like this and Power Purple one best. It seems to be flattering on a lot of shapes.

Power Purple Yogi Dance Crops. It's interesting that the band is the microstripe and the bottom is the solid color.

Black Roses Power Y Made in Canada - YAY!

FYI - For those of you who prefer to buy Lululemon products made in Canada, the new Black Roses Power Y is made in Canada. Of all the new Black Roses pieces we've checked (CRB - China, Flow Y - Cambodia, Wunder Unders - India, Scoop Neck - Cambodia, Live Simply Tee - Peru, Inspire Crops - China, etc.) it is the only Canadian made one. Yay! I am waiting for the matching headband for this print.

PS - Does anyone know where the Black Roses CRB is made?

PPS - Let us know if you find anymore new Lululemon items that are made in Canada.

Photo - Power Purple Inner Awareness Tank

This one is cute. I have to try it on. I wonder if this girl is petite because the tank looks pretty long on her.