Monday, December 6, 2010

Fast Forward Jacket - Want to Try It On

 I think this is a photo of the Fast Forward jacket with the collar zipped all the way up like this:

I think the new Fast Forward Jacket definitely has potential. I like the longer length and like that you can change the collar so it protects your neck more. I am looking forward to trying it on.

First Wear Report - Black Roses Power Y

As usual I stayed up too late last night and I was feeling like I might skip spin class this morning. However, having my new Black Roses Power Y in the closet gave me extra incentive to go. I wore the Power Y with a 50 Rep bra under it for extra support and my Hills crops. They are an older crop that is luxtreme in the front and luon in the back. I was a little concerned that I might be a bit too hot but it was a cooler day (low 50s this morning) so I was hoping the spin room would stay cooler. I was happily surprised by how comfortable I felt in this Power Y because there was some speculation that the high polyester content in the fabric might be hot to work out in. I actually thought the top felt a bit cooler than regular luon. It was definitely more breathable and that may be due to a difference in weave than regular luon. I also thought the fabric did a good job at wicking sweat away. Usually I feel really hot around my middle when I wear regular weight luon but I was comfortable this morning. I also thought the fabric felt very soft against my skin.

Photo of the Black Hustle Jacket

This is the first photo I have seen of the new Hustle Jacket in Black.

NEW! Swiftly LS in Dark Classic Sport Gray with Power Purple Accents

 New LS Swiftly in DCSG (dark classic sport gray) and power purple. Paired with the new Yogi Dance Crops (see below for a post on those)

Hmm, it looks like the Power Purple is just around the collar but I think it has Power Purple stitching at the shoulders. I wonder if this is made in Sri Lanka like the other new ones.

NEW! Dash and Alpine Pullover Colors

Alpine Pullovers in Power Purple and White

Dash Pullover in Static Power Purple

Not sure of the name of this color. It's Static Mid Gray. probably Heathered Clarity Gray, Heathered Classic Sport Gray, or something like that. I'll update. It is pictured with the Dash Crop.

NEW! Yogi Dance Crop and More

Yogi Dance Crop (shown with Hustle Tank)

Yogi Dance Crop Leg Detail

 Black Roses Live Simply Tee - I kind of like it.

Merino Wool Leg Warmers

Winter White Define Jacket

NEW!!! Inner Awareness Tank

Did Lululemon take the inner tank out of the hideous Awareness tank and make a solo tank out of it? I really liked the inner part of the Awareness tank but not the balloon-bottomed Grimace look of the whole thing. As I remember the inner tank was luxtreme circle mesh. Hmmm, I don't think circle mesh can come in a static color so this new tank is probably luon, light luon, luxtreme, or organic cotton. I will post more when I find out.

NEW! Lululaquard Snowstar Live Simply Jackets

 All three colors of the Lululaquard Snowstar Live Simply Jackets. They are $118.

NEW! Hustle Tank in US and Canada

Ok, so after seeing a bunch of photos of people wearing this new tank I'm coming down on the side of not liking it. I don't like that you can see the ruffles sticking out your sides in a front view. It's the same problem you get with the new Yogi Dance Jacket. Also, I think you have to buy this tank on the big side otherwise the ruffles hit too high. In the photo of the woman wearing the black version, I think the ruffles make her hips look wider. This tank also comes in white.

NEW!! Fast Forward Jacket

Sorry, I don't have any more information than the name of this jacket. I will update when I find out more. This is from a Canadian store.

The jacket is $118 and the color shown is Heathered Coal. There is also a black version.

More Special Edition Scubas - Lululaquard - Prepare to Open Up the Wallet - They are $138!

Black, Plum Lululaquard Stripe SE Scubas - $138

 Plum Lululaqaurd Stripe SE Scuba

MUPS Scuba ($98) and SE Lulullaquard Stripe Scuba ($138)

Lululaquard Diamond and MultiKnit SE Scuba Hoodies  - both are $138

I like the one on the left the best of new batch of SE Scuba Hoodies but $138 is getting pretty steep for a hoodie.

NEW! Pocho Stripe Scubas in Canadian Stores

This is from the Saskatoon FB page. There are three versions of the Poncho Striped Scuba - Multi Poncho Stripe (MUPS), Coal Poncho Stripe (CPOS), and Wish Blue Poncho Stripe (WBPS). According to the GEC these look like they have a texture but are smooth like regular Scuba hoodies. They are $98. I can't decided which version I like best. I think the Wish. They are $98.

Photos to help you decide which to get:

New Wunder Unders - Showing New Colors?

It's hard to tell from this photo but I'm thinking it shows the new black microstripe (on left) and black pique. It also has Power Purple Multistripe, White, and Coal. When I find a better photo I will post it.