Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hey Night Owls - Candlelight Print Tank Now On The US Side of the Website

I just got done watching Robin Hood (it's certainly not Gladiator -sigh - but Russell Crowe is still fairly hot in this movie) and decided to see what was going on with the website since Lululemon is into springing surprises on us lately. I haven't finished poking around but the Candlelight Multi-State of Mind print has been uploaded. There are also a couple of mesh headbands in loot for $9 - what looks like Power Purple and a peachy pink.

The Stride Black Roses Print is also there. I can't remember if it was always on the site or not but all sizes are there so I tend to think it's a new upload.

These Astros look new, too. There are also Organic Wunder Under pants. I love those. There are probably a few other new pants and crops but I most familiar with the tanks and shirts section.

Photos - Cactus & Dhalia Scubas, Roses Print Close Up, Yogi Dance Jacket, and More

Cactus / Lime Scuba

Very Violet & Dahlia Scubas - I'd love to see the Dahlia next to the Plum. The purple Scubas seem to sell very fast.

Roses Print Close Up - Would love this on a black or coal Heart Tank with either the print on the top or bottom would be gorgeous!

Yogi Dance Jacket - like the solid version much better. It's $128.

Ruffled Groove Crop

Ruffled CRB - like the black one the best

Liberty Tee

Chai Time Pullovers

Cuddle Up Pants

Organic Wunder Under Pants - Heathered Charcoal

Photos - Happy Heat Bra and Shorts, Yogi Dance Jacket

Happy Heat Bra and Happy Heat Shorts

Yogi Dance Jacket (with Happy Heat shorts)

Those Happy Heat Shorts look amazing on her! I wonder if the seams are finished better than on the tank. I know a lot of people said they were itchy.

Photos - More of the new silver luon stuff

Challenge Jacket - too short and too much at $168

Some of the new silver luon stuff has arrived at my local store. I'm hoping to visit tomorrow to try it on and see if it's worth the big bucks.

Photos - Libery Tee, Ruffled Boogie and Grooves, Chai Tea Pullover

Liberty Tee - snow and short sleeves - brrr

Ruffled Grooves

 Ruffled Boogie Shorts

Chai Tea Pullover

Photos - Black Roses Print Gym Essentials Kit and Relaxed Fit Pant, Chili Scuba

The Black Roses Gym Essential Bag is pretty cute (modeled with the ruffled Define)

Waistband on the Black Roses Print Relaxed Fit Pant - I like the not so hidden Lulu symbols

Chili Red Scuba

Photos of Challenge Jacket, Foundation Tank, Challenge Pant

I kind of like the look of the new Foundation Tank but not enough to pay $78 for a low support tank I'll have to layer with another bra. Is being anti-stink really that much a priority for women? I can see if you are backpacking for a week and you have to pack light and recycle clothes that you need anti-stink gear but for daily workouts?  I also don't think most women like to wear the same thing over and over. Just not getting the anti-stink focus when the other, less pricey Lululemon fabrics seem to work well-enough stink-wise.

Ruffles Galore

I like the new ruffled Define because it's so subtle but the ruffled Yogi Dance Jacket and CRB are a bit too much for me. However, when they are all put together they make a really cute outfit as shown in the photo above.

NEW!!! Liberty Tee (and photo of Chili Scuba)

The back of the new Liberty Tee is cute, too bad we can't see the front. This would be really cute in a long sleeve version. It's $58.

Product Info:
  • Designed as a light layer for dance, yoga or gym warm ups
  • Made with pima cotton, a superior durable blend that's breathable and soft
  • Added LYCRA® fibre for shape retention
  • Loose fit up top for freedom of movement & fitted in the hips to show your curves!
  • Flat-seamed for chafe resistance and comfort
  • Preshrunk so there are no surprises when washed
  • sizes 4-10, heathered dark classic sport gray, black (could come in more colors)

Here is a photo of the new Chili red Scuba.