Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Oprah Effect - I Predict Negligible

Video of the Relaxed Fit Pant from the Oprah Show - Could they make them look more mom-like?

So there is speculation on the Luluelmon Facebook page now that Oprah has declared the Lululemon Relaxed Fit pant one of her favorite things the secret on Lululemon is out and it'll be much tougher to get the items we like on upload Thursdays or in the stores. Frankly, I just can't see the Oprah show having that much of an effect. First of all, paying $98 for a pair of yoga pants is a huge sticking point for a lot of people and I think particularly for Oprah's audience. A little googling found that her audience is primarily over 55 years old which is a bit above Lululemon's target market age.  Also, I can't find much on the income statistics of Oprah's audience but I've got to believe it's not super affluent.  I think I've read that Lululemon's typical customer is a professional woman with an income of $85,000. The malls that the Lululemon stores are in in Orange County are two of the nicest around - Fashion Island in Newport Beach which has a Neiman Marcus across from it and Irvine Spectrum, a city of 200,000+ with a median income of $91,000.  I could be wrong but I just don't think her audience overlaps that much with Lululemon's.  Even when I was stuck home with the kids as infants I never watched her show.  If I did watch tv, I think I watched HGTV where at least I could learn something. Once the kids got a little older they took over the tv watching Blue Clues and Thomas the Tank Engine. Anyway, I just don't see the Oprah seal of approval affecting Lululemon that much. -- I forgot to say that the Relaxed Fit pants look incredibly unremarkable in this clip. By pairing them with the Oprah show tee, they couldn't make them look more mom-like if they tried.

Lulu Superhero

I think the new Luluemon superhero bags are a bit silly but they nail the superhero look in this photo. I think it's the boots that clinch it.

New Patterns Coming - Black Microstripe / Sailor Stripe

From Hong Kong, a Scoop Neck Tank in Black Microstripe / Sailor Stripe. I know I'm boring but I love black and white schemes - so classic.