Thursday, November 18, 2010

Organic Heart Tank

The new Heart Tank with the Multi State of Mind print is organic. I wonder if the solid Heathered Charcoal Heart Tank that was uploaded yesterday is also organic. It certainly has that organic look. I'm really not a fan of working out in the organic tanks. They're not the greatest at wicking sweat away and you walk around wet forever after your workout. As far as casual wear, I am an organic fan and I cannot say enough good things about the Heart Tank. It's my new favorite.

Superhero Educator Shirts

The new superhero educators shirts are both cute and silly.

More photos:

Try On (and Sale) Reports: Alpine Pullover, Balance Baselayer, and Balance Pullover

I tried on the Alpine Pullover today and I agree with the reviews I have read that it runs snug in the chest, shoulders, and upper arms. If you are larger chested you might want to size up in this top. The Haze pullover I tried was pulling in the front. It is not nearly as roomy as the Dash Pullover. If you are looking for this top, the El Segundo store had a ton in Black and Haze. I wonder if there will be another technical fleece pullover released this season. Last year there were two- the Spirit in early October and the Run Racer Pullover at the end of December.

I tried on the Balance Baselayer and thought it runs on the large side, about a size large. It was very soft and I liked the simple design. It is very breathable - I didn't feel too warm at all when I had it on next to my skin. I like both the Balance tops but if I had to choose, I'd get the Balance Pullover.

I almost bought myself the Balance Pullover in Black today. If hadn't already spent a fortune this month, I probably would buy it. I really, really like the design and look of this top. (By the way, I hate when the model slouches in the photos. There are way too many of the new style photos where it looks like the photographer told a joke and the model is about to double over laughing. Also, move the model's freakin' hair out of the way, we need to see the clothes.) The Balance Pullover is just a great, simple flattering design, especially the black one where the zipper adds a little visual interest. It feels very breathable against the skin - I wasn't hot at all when I had it on over just my bra even though it's a wool top. However, when I tried it on over my CRB, I warmed up right away. I may go back and get it, but I think I will wait and see if I can grab one on markdown. I am worried it will be too warm for Southern California. I used to wear wool all the time when I lived back east but it's just too hot out here, particularly if I am going to layer it over another top.

I also saw the Scuba-illow. The back zipper is that harsh metal zipper (with a big pull!) Lululemon has been using lately. I HATE that zipper. My Remix Lights have a metal zipper and they are much smoother - I can run my fingers along it and not have them catch and get scratched. Please use those metal zippers. Anyway, the back zipper is just plain ugly and adds nothing to the design of the jacket. The whole pillow idea is so dumb. However, I will say I really like the heathered charcoal color, though. It's quite nice and even has a bit of texture but I'm not a fan of the Hamburglar striped hood. The Haze scuba is very pretty, too. I won't get it because it's too light a color and I like to be able to set my jacket down without freaking out about a little dirt.

The El Segundo store had a nice little markdown rack going - they had a couple of Everywhere Bags marked down to $59 (in teal), they had a lot of Rock Out pants on markdown - I think to $79, they had a few Still pants at $69 (the Coal with the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Waistband), some running shorts (I think the speed shorts and I want to say they were $39), a bunch of Tadasana jackets (I think at $79), some reverse groove shorts for $34, some tall Grooves for $79, a couple of Swiftly tees and Swiftly racerbacks.Oh yeah, I forgot to write they had a bunch of Inspire crops on markdown (at least in the upper sizes), I think $79 or $69 in colors like oasis and lolo.

Pics of New Stuff - All the Post Run Pullovers, Hustle Pants, and More

All the colors of the Post Run Pullover - Wish, Black, Very Violet, and Coal

Hustle Pant (lined) in Sidewalk, Black, and Coal - $98

Hustle Pant

These were labeled as Static Charcoal Still Pants but they look too light. I'm pretty sure these are static Coal or Static Dark Classic Sport Gray.

Post Run Pant

Run Balance Pullovers - 100% Merino Wool - $128

Balance Pullover (with Still Pants)

Hottie Hot Yoga Bag