Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random Lulu Thoughts

It looks like today's hot item is the Static Persimmon Dash LS. I was debating ordering this throughout the day but now it's sold out of my size so I don't have to worry about it. (Until it shows up at my local store  :-)  ).

We went to Disneyland today and I spotted Lululemon on a record number of people. One group had to be from Canada - all the females were wearing Lululemon and the little girl had on an Iviva hoodie. It's the first time I've ever seen the Iviva logo in person. The mom had a black Hills Pullover with shorts. It was a good day for the pullover - it was in the upper 60s but very windy. At lunch I spotted a woman who looked like she just came from yoga. She was sporting the all-black Ninja look with a Sun Salutation tank and Groove pants. I also saw a pair of Seek the Peek crops. That is the first time I have ever spotted non-technical pants (i.e., not luon or luxtreme) on someone in the US. The last spotting was also a bit of a surprise - an older gentleman, probably in his upper 50s/early 60s, wearing a black men's running cap. I know I'm a freak to get excited with Lululemon sightings but I see it so infrequently outside the gym.

I finally got to wear my Plum Scuba last night when I went to pick my son up from soccer practice. I used to think people were nuts when they posted on Facebook that they had 18 Remix hoodies in their closet but I now understand their obsession. I love my Plum Scuba. The color is so beautiful and I love the fit of the Scuba. It's such a turn around for me because I really hated the boxy and stiff Remix. Hated. It.

And speaking of my son, I wish Lululemon made stuff for boys like they do for girls with Iviva. I would definitely get my son some running shorts and technical tops to use in his track and soccer practices. I had him try on the men's small but he's a few years away from that size.

NEW Tank! Yogi Dance Tank.

I don't know the name but as soon as I find out, I'll post it. New tank - the Yogi Dance Tank. I can tell already it won't work for me (straps are not robust enough) but it's not bad.

My initial impression is that this is a very "young" looking tank. It could be it's so simple it will work on women of all ages but I'd like to see this tank on a more mature woman. I think it would look fantastic on my 12 year old ballet-dancing niece.

Today's Upload - Lot's of Goodies Today

The upload is still occurring but use this post to discuss and I'll photos as they come along. The Dash Pullovers were just uploaded. I'm debating ordering the Static Coal:

The Dash Tanks were just uploaded. I know a lot of people were looking for these:

The new Static Dash LSs were just uploaded, no plum:

The Yogi Dance Pants have shown up, too:

The pique Wunder Under Pants and crops were also uploaded:

Also, the new colors in the Run: Dash Crop and Inspire Crops, the Alignment Tank, new 50 Rep bra colors (I love the Static Wish), Black Pique Energy Pant, the super expensive new toque/mittens/scarf, new Heart and Scoop Tank colors, so many cute things today! The coal dash pullover is sitting in the cart. I'm trying to determin how peeved Mr. LuluAddict would be if I ordered it since I've bought so much already this month...