Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Dash Pullover and Static Persimmon Dash LS Photos

Static Persimmon Dash LS and Outward Bound Pant

I really love the plain front of this top, particularly in the top photo. If only they could remove the ruffles down the back, it'd be perfect and the cool weather mate to the Swiftly LS. However, I can live with the ruffles.

A great photo showing how much you will light up at night wearing this.

Great photo illustrating the mesh panel under the arm in the Dash Pullover

Photos of the Latest Colors (Part 2) - Groovy Run Short, Speed Shorts, Haze Scuba, & More

I found a better photo of the Haze Scuba - this is pretty!

This isn't really brand new but I thought the matching very violet cap looked really cute with the Dash LS top.

Groovy Run Short in Gray Poncho Stripe - I like monochromatic color schemes, I wonder if there will be a matching jacket.

Run: Speed Shorts in the Black/Multi-Poncho Pattern. I wonder if any tanks will come in this stripe. I love the muted jewel tones.

More Speed Shorts in the various versions of the Poncho Stripe

The latest Scoop Neck Colors

I thought this was a cute outfit - STCH Relaxed Fit Crops and Matching Very Violet Scoop

The matching Yogi Dance Pants look so cute in all these combos.

Not thrilled the way the ribbon decorations are causing the Alignment Tank to not lay flat.

Photos of the Latest Colors (Part 1) - STCH/Lime Groove, New Swiftlys, Dash Tanks

I can't wear these but I love them - Static Charcoal (STCH) Grooves with Lime and Gray Band

 Swiftly Tech LS in Haze (LOVE!) and Matching Yogi Dance Pants

 Swiftly Tech in Wish Blue

 Very Violet Swiftly Tech and Outward Bound Pants

 Persimmon Swiftly - I believe there is a long sleeve version of this, too.

All the flavors of the Dash Tank - Static Black, Static Plum, Static Very Violet, Static Persimmon, Static Coal, Static Teal Zeal, Static Wish Blue

Static Persimmon Dash Tank (and Still Pant)

Photos of the Static Black Run: Dash Pullover

Reader HoundLover was kind enough to send me photos of her new Static Black Dash Pullover. She said the fit is similar to the Run: Energy Pullover which means it is roomy through the upper chest and shoulders. Also, it is very long which works well for her since she is 5'11". She also said that only a small portion of the rear pocket is not tacked down but the side against the skin is soft circle mesh (the irritating part is against the shirt) and she didn't notice anything rubbing her at all. She is a runner so she evaluated this top with an eye to using it for it's technical purpose.

Today's Shopping Trip - I bought the Static Wish Dash LS

I must recant all my poo-pooing of the Static Wish Dash LS. When viewed in person, the static color, ruffles, solid wish circle mesh color blocks, and dark stitching are not at all too busy in this top. In fact, I think the static color kind of takes the focus off the ruffles in the back and mutes it's design impact. As for the solid wish blue circle mesh color blocks under the armpits, you really don't see them when your arms are down and they don't look that jarring in person at all. My local store got in both the static wish and the static very violet. I went back and forth with both colors because I thought they were equally fun but I ended up with the static wish since it's a little bolder and a color that really buoys my mood. (As a side not, all but one of the new Static Wish and Static Very Violet CRBs were sold out in the store so the newest static colors are super popular).

I was debating with myself as to whether I should wait for the Dash Pullovers to arrive but I think, for my purposes, since I don't run, I don't need all the bells and whistles of the pullover for the $21 price difference. That's not saying that if Lululemon re-released the Energy Pullover in the latest colors I wouldn't get one, but I don't love the design of the Dash nearly as much as the Energy so I will try the Dash LS instead. I do reserve the right, however, to get the plum dash longsleeve if and when it ever shows up.

So, it looks like there will also be a static persimmon Dash LS as per the photo below (and an earlier post):

Here are some more photos of the Dash LS and Dash Pullovers to help you decide what to get when they show up on the website/GEC:

The color is not nearly this dark in person

I think this photo is most true to life regarding the colors

Wish Blue and Persimmon Dash

Although one reader commented how they thought Persimmon was an "old lady" color, as you can see above, it looks great on a person with a darker skin tone.

Try On Review - Alignment Tank - Uncomfortable

The new Alignment tank comes in solid Wish Blue, solid Persimmon, and Haze with Coal Accents. This is another tank that only goes to a size 10. This tank fits smaller through the chest than the Heart and Happy Heat tank since I was spilling out over the top. The fit through the chest reminded me of the Tadasana tank. Although the ribbon detailing is what makes this tank, I found it really uncomfortable. It is very stiff over the belly. You can see this in some of the photos - the ribbon dictates how it folds over your stomach. I could feel the hard lines cutting into my stomach as I bent over in the dressing room to retrieve items off the bench. I can't imagine using this in a yoga or pilates class. I also felt every ribbon on the chest area. That could be because the girls were really stuffed into the tank but it was really irritating. Also, as you can see in the photo above, my brand new out of the box tank had a pull in the ribbed luon area. Just an FYI if you try this tank on, look for pulls in the ribbed area. Wasn't ribbed luon an issue in the Stride Jackets? All in all, one of the more uncomfortable tanks I've tried on in a long time.

New Colors - Dash Tank in Static Persimmon & New Heart Tank Colors

Static Persimmon Dash Tank

Coal/Haze Heart Tank

New Heart Tank Colors - Coal/Haze, Very Violet/Black, Wish Blue/Multi-Poncho

Stand Strong Tank on a Bustier Woman - It's really designed for larger chests

Outward Bound Pant - Photo of a Better Fit

New Color - Static Persimmon Dash LS

I'm 99.99% sure this is a static persimmon (and not solid) Dash LS shirt. I just saw static persimmon Dash tanks at the store so I'm sure I'm right.