Friday, October 29, 2010

Distressed SE Scuba - Too Distressed for $128

I happened to see this Scuba in the store this afternoon. SoCal has only gotten the Plum, Lilac, Wish, and Black so far so this was an internet return. I could see why after I studied it. The distressed edges of the hoodie were truly distressed not just unfinished. The worst area was right at the top of the Luluemon logo in the front - the part formed by the ribbed material where it's joined together by the zipper. It looked like someone rubbed the ribbed material until a hole was formed. I can only imagine that area getting worse with wear. I can't believe this hoodie is $29 extra for a design that will only get nastier and more worn with age. I am so not a fan of this design.

Try On Report - Happy Heat Tank - Boobtacular!

I took out my new Plum Scuba today wishing it was cooler so I could wear it and I discovered the security tag was till on it. Of course, I had to take a trip back to the store to have them remove it - such an unwanted chore. Not! My local stores didn't have too many new things since I had been there three days ago but I got a chance to try on the Coal/Persimmon Happy Heat tank. Wow. All I can say is that if you want male attention, you need to buy this tank. Somehow it makes your entire chestal region look larger than it is. The puckered seams in the front also seem to make your waist look narrower, imparting an hourglass effect to your figure. This tank also came with the cups. Unfortunately, the tank only goes to a 10 so it was a bit snug on me and I spilled over in the armpit region but I was surprised on the whole how well it fit particularly since I am a DD up top. It is a very figure enhancing tank without showing a ton of cleavage. I think it's fine for low impact activities.

Photos of New Colors - Static Wish Blue CRB, Haze/Coal CRB, Poncho Power Y, Static V.Violet CRB

Static Wish Blue CRB on the Right 
Combo Haze/Coal CRB - Haze on front, Coal on the Back

OK, I'm not really getting the purpose of one color on the front and another on the back. I was thinking of getting the Haze CRB but I would much prefer a solid version.

Wish Blue/Poncho Stripe Power Y - I may have to get this one

Static Very Violet CRB (it's solid Very Violet on the back)