Friday, October 22, 2010

Why the Different Photos/Models/Poses for the Same Item?

It's kind of weird that Lululemon has two different photo shoots of the same item - one for the Product Alert Emails and one for the website. I kind of like the poses in the Product Alert photos a little better. They are either more relaxed or have a bit of a sassy attitude.

Relaxed and Smiling - The product alert email photo for the Power Dance Tank. The full back view is useful information to people who are mail ordering.

Stiff and Awkward Web Photo

A Sassy Little 'Tude - Collar Up and Hands on Hip Product Alert Photo

A Very Mannequin-like Pose for the Website

Pics of Scuba Hoodies and the Awareness Wrap

Lolo Scuba SE Hoodie

I thought this was distressed until I checked the website. The seams have some interesting detail in them. This is a special edition hoodie and is $128.

Plum Scuba (paired with Still Pants)

Wish Blue Scuba - so pretty!

Awareness Wrap

Such noticeably snug arms on a slender woman in this photo. I wonder why Lululemon is making all the arms of their jackets so snug. They need to get a rock climber chick for their fit model - somebody with some muscles. Last week I went to REI during their sale to look for a new jacket and it was such a pleasure to try on jackets that had roomy arms - that I could acutally layer clothes under! Shocking! I don't shop at REI that much but that may change. They had tons of cute outerwear options by North Face, Arc-teryx, Horny Toad, Mountain Hardware, Marmot, and Patagonia, just to mention a few.I especially like the Arc'teryx stuff but it's so pricey.