Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pics of New Stuff - Belt it Out Pant, Inpsire Pullovers, Dash Tights, & More

The Belt it Out Pant looks pretty cute. If it comes in my size, I'm going to have to try it on.

Static Lilac Inspire Pullover

Word is the newest batch of Inspire Pullovers, particularly the Lilac, feels thinner than the previous batch. I hope to visit the store this weekend and will let you know if I detect a difference. However, it could be due to the difference in colors. I know sometimes certain colors of the same product feel different.

The static plum define makes a very sharp looking outfit with the matching Heart tank. Plum is such a great color for dark brunettes.

I love the wide straps on the Heart Tank.

These are the photos from the Product Alert emails. I like her sassy pose in the top photo. She's obviously a professional and the photos look better lit and finished. They should use these photos on the website. The current website models often have a very awkward stance.

Run Dash Tight - Holster pocket in use - just where you want a bulge

More Run Dash Tights in Action

A photo of a large busted lady in the Power Dance Tank. I would say she's larger than me on top (I'm 36DD). Keep in mind the Bold Blue and Black versions of this tank are luxtreme on top. I know my boobs look really round and tend to spill off to the side in luxtreme, like hers are doing here. I doubt she put cups in to take the photo. The cups really help shape and contain the breast in the luxtreme tops. The other two colors of this tank, the gray space dye and lilac space dye are luon on top. I felt they had less give, offered more support, and held the girls in better.

The Static Teal Zeal Inspire Pullover looks muted in real life compared to the photo on the luluelmon website. I like it much better in these photos. The woman is wearing the Run: Dash Tight in this photo.

Today's Upload - Not Nearly As Many Goodies as in the Stores

I'm surprised how small today's upload was. Well, you know what's in the stores so you can call the GEC (Guest Education Center) and have them send it to you. Once an item hits the stores, it's typically in the GEC and they will send it to you. Shipping is also free through the GEC.

I didn't get anything and there is nothing I really loved, either, so my wallet is safe for another week. I just an email from my local store that the Heart Tank is in. It only goes to a size 10, though, so I most likely won't be getting it unless it runs large.

Oh yes, the latest episode of Hellcats had tons of Luluelmon in it, including the Shaped Scuba hoodie.

Let's talk about what was uploaded today.

Static Teal Zeal Inspire Pullover

I know some people are ooohing and ahhhing over this color on Facebook but I am so not liking it. Maybe it's more muted in person but it reminds me of my toothpaste.

 Static Plum Inspire

A solid plum Inspire Pullover would have been really pretty. I think an entire long sleeve top of static plum is a bit overwhelming.

Static Lilac Inspire - the prettiest of the group!

I totally love the Static Lilac Inspire. I may try this top on again in this color. I'm not a huge fan of the Inspire with all the ribbed luxtreme patches, cotton ribbons, and mesh panels. It's a very busy top but the pale lilac really mutes all the busyiness.

Plum Scuba

The Scubas have finally hit Southern California. I might have to try this on at the store. It is gorgeous!

Static Plum Define

Someone commented that the Static Plum Define is a bit overwhelming when viewed in person. I would tend to agree but I think it's a fun jacket anyway.

What did you all get today?

New Running Luon Pullover - The Run: Dash Pullover and Persimmon is back!

New Run: Dash Pullover in Persimmon

The new Run: Dash Pullover is showing up in stores in Australia. I like that it's less busy than the Inspire Pullover. The reflective line on the arm is nice, too.

Run: Dash Pullover Product Details

  • Dash through your winter workouts in this performance mid-layer!

  • Super soft running luon® provides inherent quick wicking performance

  • Snug close-to-body fit with body-mapped anti-stink circle mesh panels

  • Cuffins with thumbholes for warm hands!

  • Reflective on the sleeve for increased low-light visibility

  • Easy access back zipper pocket for cards, keys or music

  • Chafe resistant - flat seamed