Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pics of the New Stuff

A Canadian store in Masonville does a great job of photoing groups of people in the clothes. It gives an idea of what different body types and heights may look like.

These are all very cute outfits but how many Scoop Necks, Push UR Limits, and Power Ys can some one buy? Would love some new tank designs or see old ones make a reappearance.

Everywhere Bag

Facebook Dialogue on the New Pant Model

This was kind of funny so I have to post:

(The top thread was a listing of the main discussion topics of the day)

#5 New Model's Bum: Thumbs Up all around, lets hope Bubble Butt is here to stay!



- #5 is hilarious! 

- haha Lily! this is great! i don't like the new model's toes. the pinky toes especially...i don't know why, they just bother me. 

- Nice butt i must agree. Her elbows need a scrub and to moisturize :)

Groove Pant Design Change - Less Flare at the Bottom & Logo Relocated?

I've been reading that the design of the Groove pant has changed to have less flare at the bottom. This was actually how they were a few years ago and then the Groove Pant Sneak was brought in where the flare was widened to fit over your shoe and then I think the larger flare was brought in as a permanent change until now. I didn't buy Grooves until recently so if I have my Groove history wrong, please correct me.

This is another reason we are noticing the new model's very muscular thighs and bum - a wider flare would balance her hips a bit more.

Older, more flared Groove style:

New, narrower flare at the bottom:

Whoa! I didn't even notice the logo has been moved to the bottom hem of the leg. I hope they reposition it for all those people who need a few inches hemmed off.

But wait! The logo is in on the normal spot on near the knee in these new Grooves:

Hmmm! What is going on with the migrating logos? Is one side behind the knee and the reverse at the hem? Weird.

I'll have to try on the new version of the Grooves. I know I don't like having all that material flapping around as I workout on the elliptical.

Today's Upload - What Did You Get?

There were lots of cute things uploaded today but nothing I wanted. I would have bought a plum Power Y or CRB but they aren't out yet and I don't know if they are going to offer them. The lilac space dye Power Y is also kind of pretty but that wasn't uploaded this week.  I'm kind of addicted to buying new tanks but I've already tried on the Insight, Tadasana, and Flow and Go and they don't work for me. Anyway, my wallet is safe for another week.

Heathered Wish Blue - Interesting

Today's upload is just starting so I don't know if any tops will show up in this color but there is a new dance headband in heathered Wish Blue. It could make an interesting color for a tank.