Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celebs in Lululemon - Nicole Kidman

I didn't think this was Lululemon when I first saw the pic, but the tell-tale dot is on the back. It looks like an older Shape Up jacket. These are pics of her jogging in Tennessee.

More Pics of New Stuff - Flow Ys, 50 Rep Bras, Power Ys

Just when the new winter stuff has hit I haven't been able to be on line much. Our principal staged a coup by engineering a secret vote and forcing out the PTO president late last week. I have to say between 18 years in the corporate world and 7 in volunteer organizations the most dysfunctional and toxic environments I've encountered are volunteer groups, particularly those run by a bunch of women.

Anyway, new lululemon is a lot more pleasant to think about...

Power Ys in Wish Blue, Lilac Space Dye, Static Plum and Teal Zeal

I am liking the looks of Lilac Space Dye and the Static Plum Power Ys. I might sneak down to the store tomorrow.  The stuff I brought in for repair (unraveling hems) is supposed to be ready.

 Power Y in Static Plum

50 Rep Bras in Teal Zeal, Lilac Space Dye, and Coal Space Dye

Flow Ys in Wish Blue, Lilac, Teal Zeal, and Static Coal

Winter Quilt Groove pants with Plum and Static Plum

Teal / Teal Space Dye Groove Pant Detail

Stride Jacket in Haze and Coal