Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Art Hoodies Coming Tomorrow

Lululemon uploaded to Facebook some sneak peek photos of new Art Hoodies that will be on the website tomorrow. I wish they'd throw some of these decorations on the tanks and french terry pants to spice them up. The Hoodies must be a huge percentage of Lululemon's sales. They are the line that gets the most variety in color and pattern.  I am not a fan of the prints. I find them disturbing and seizure-inducing. I much prefer the embroidered florals.

New Flow and Go Tank Colors - Citron and Oasis

Some new colors of the Flow and Go tank have been showing up in the Product Alert emails. I still don't think I've seen it hit any US stores yet either in my Product Alerts or in Facebook - please let me know if I'm wrong. I am dying to try this tank on, even though it looks very revealing.

Citron Flow and Go with Coal Straps

Oasis with Black Straps - I like this one

The Flow and Go Really Opens Up at the Back

There were lots of photos of the Tadasana Tank uploaded to Facebook today so I would take that as a sign that it will be uploaded on Thursday. I have to say most of the ladies modeling the tank are either former high school/college swimmers or the tank gives the illusion of broad shoulders. If you are trying to visually minimize a broad back, this is not the tank for you.

Pics - Senorita Tadasana

Photo of the Senorita Tadasana Tank: