Monday, September 20, 2010

New - Escapade Jacket - Very Cute! (In US Stores Now)

  • Tackle your cold weather escapades with attitude and style!
  • Softshell fabric has 2-way stretch and protects from wind and rain, keeping you warm and dry
  • Soft inner fleece for warmth
  • Hood with double cinchers - cinch in to block the elements or cinch back so you can see!
  • Cuffins to keep hands warm and thumbholes to keep sleeves down
  • Reinforced rain brim
  • $228 (!)
  • Black, Coal, Magic Mani Print (not sure of the color)

This looks like a cute jacket but overkill for southern California. It's in stores in the US now.

Here is a Remix in an Ivory Magic Mani Print:

"New" Jacket - The Tadasana Jacket

Photos of the "new" Tadasana Jacket were released. It looks an awful lot like the Get Started Jacket that has been lingering in Loot for $49 for months now. It's hard to tell from the photo because the model may be petite, but the Tadasana looks a bit longer than the Get Started.

Tadasana Jacket

To refresh your memories, here is the Get Started Jacket:

Get Started Jacket

The Silver Eye

The location of the Lululemon logo on the lacy Luluthong is really unfortunate. Maybe they should have been content with weaving it into the lace.