Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today's Upload - Rather Small

A bit of a weird upload today. There were no new tanks. The Inspire jacket showed up but not in size 6 or 12 in Senorita Pink on the US Side. It could be a web error. There is no way it sold out that quick. I was on line within seconds when it showed up and those sizes were grayed out from the first moment.

The Boobs on a Wire didn't make an appearance but the The Bust Stops Here did on the Canadian side. The photo on the web makes the bra look very unattractive - almost like a minimizer bra. Ugh. It also looks like the new bra sizes only go up to a 38D which isn't that big in the world of large chests.

The Alignment Pants look nice but I am going to wait to try them at the store.

The Lolo Swiftly Long Sleeve also made an appearance. I know they are in the stores in Senorita Pink and Dark Classic Sport Gray.

I'm planning on visiting the stores tomorrow so I will give you my fit report on the new things then.

The Shape Jacket is Back! (Dare We Hope the Deep V Will Be Next?)

Hmmm, Lululemon has brought the Shape Jacket back. It got killed off about the same time as the Deep V. Will that be coming back soon, too? We can only hope. The Shape is a very fitted jacket, even more so than the Define. Many people size up one size for comfort. (The Shape is out in Oasis, Alarming, and Dark Classic Sport Gray. Except for the DCSG, it almost makes me think this might be old stock. I have older DCSG Relaxed Fit Shorts so this color has been out before. It could be old stock. Hmmm.)

Shape Jacket in Dark Classic Sport Gray