Monday, September 6, 2010

OT - New Ipod Nano Multi-Touch - Want One!

I know what I am asking Santa for Christmas - the new Ipod Nano Multi-Touch. It has a touch screen and clips to your clothes. Ever since I got my iPhone I find the click wheel of my nano clunky so I am excited the new nano has a touch screen. I love that it is small and I can clip it to my gym clothes. If my Lululemon doesn't have a ready-made pocket I usually stuff my nano down my bra or in the waistband of my pants, then it gets all sweaty and the click wheel doesn't work right. I cannot wait to get this.

Lots of New Items - Run Cross Train Crop, Personal Best Singlet, Reversible Swell Jacket, Personal Best Skirt

Run: Cross Train Crop

These run crops don't look too ground-breaking except that the mesh is extending higher up the leg than in previous designs. The design in the back looks nice but I'd still probably get solid black.

Run: Personal Best Singlet

I'm not sure how the seaming under the bust would work for a larger busted person but since the last run singlet that came out only went to a size 10 it might not be an issue for me. I'll try it on, but since I don't feel immediate lust upon seeing this photo, my bank account is probably safe. If I find a photo of the back, I'll post it.

Reversible Swell Jacket

I like the simple lines of this jacket. It looks like one side may be made of a windbreaker material. I will post more photos and details as I find them but I like the looks of this jacket.

 Ringer Tee-Style Run Swiftly

I forgot to put in the photo of this new ringer-tee style of the run Swiftly tee. I like it!

Run: Personal Best Skirt

 Better Pic of the Inspire

I'm still only feeling "eh" towards this top. I have three running luon pullovers (two Hills, one Energy) already so I can afford to wait for one I like better. I went to one of my local stores yesterday to see if they had these yet but they didn't. They are expecting a bunch of boxes tomorrow and later this week.

New Bra - The Bust Stops Here

Lululemon is obviously trying to go after the same market Moving Comfort covers. The "The Bust Stops Here" bra isn't a very attractive but most high support bras aren't. I'll have to try it on.

When I stopped in to my local store yesterday the educator hadn't heard of the new Boobs on Wire bra so I'm not sure when these will hit the US.

  • We're talking EXTREME SUPPORT here ladies!
  • Feather light, maximum coverage bra for the C-DD bust girl!
  • 4-way stretch power luxtreme™ fabric has inherent wicking & high LYCRA® content for maximum support
  • Interior sling provides lift, separation & support
  • Wide padded straps distribute weight & won't dig in!
  • Molded hook-&-eye closure for easy on/off
  • Adjustable, crossable straps!
  • Chafe-resistant - flat seams

For comparison, here is the Boobs on a Wire photo: