Friday, September 3, 2010

Inspire Pullover - Eh

This is actually the static lolo Inspire but the color is off in the pics (wouldn't it be nice if they came out with static wish blue?). I like it but I don't love it. Maybe I'll feel differently when I try it on. I think I prefer both the Hills and Energy Pullover to this. I don't think the design is as feminine as the Hills/Energy - the others were designed to emphasize curves. This one is very utilitarian and androgynous - it could easily fit into the men's line. It also reminds me of a ski sweater. I don't care for the gimmicky "cold hands/warm heart" printing on the cuffins. The zippers are also too prominent. Couldn't they have used reflective decorative items like they did on the Spirit Pullover? That would have been a lot prettier. I wonder why they put circle mesh only under the armpit and not down the entire side and half the arms like in previous pullovers - too cold maybe? Anyone buy it yet and have an Energy to compare the fit? I will check my local stores this weekend to see if it arrived.

Last year they released two running luon pullovers - the Hills and the Energy so I would hope there is yet another running luon pullover in our future. I am really hoping for a re-release of the Energy. They also released the prettiest fleece running top of all time - the Run: Spirit Pullover.

Hills Pullover

Bold Blue Energy - Why didn't I buy this color when I had a chance?

 Run: Spirit Pullover (running fleece) - Feminine + Functional = Perfection

Static Wave Stripe Inspire - I like this better than the lolo

Lolo Inspire - truer color representation

I'm dying to see what the heathered Senorita looks like.