Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Upload Thursday Wishes

I can't think of anything I really want except for new headband colors. I'm pretty bored with everything out in the stores or I'm seeing on Facebook right now. I like my Effortless Hoodie a lot but I will have to wait a couple of months until it gets cold enough for me to wear it. As usual, I will hope for a new fabulous tank design that I can't live without. The Awareness surely wasn't it. I would love if more Zoom Singlets show up but Lulu is gearing up for winter so it looks like pullovers are in the future. I would love if the Energy pullover was re-released because I think the Intention is only meh.

Lululemon on TV - Covert Affairs

Annie finally wore some Lululemon in last night's episode of Covert Affairs. Since they show her working out a lot on the show, it was only a matter of time before she wore Lululemon. She is wearing a Wish Blue Define Jacket. She might have been wearing Luluemon pants, too, but I never caught sight of a logo so I can't be sure. 

I think she might be wearing it in next week's episode. This is a shot from the preview:
The jacket looks like it could be Lululemon but I can't place the colors. It almost looks like a brown and pink combo but I can't be sure. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for this jacket to pop up.

Pic - Yoga Harem Pant / Crop & Store Trip Report

I think this the yoga harem pant. It looks a little shorter on this woman than in the previous photos. Maybe it is the crop version. Hmmm.The picture speaks for itself.

I went to the store today to see what's new and return my lolo Push UR Limits. I like the tank but I have three of them and decided I didn't need another one. I am hoping some cute new stuff comes in for fall. The educator told me they are expecting a lot of running pullovers to show up soon.


I tried on the Awareness tank. My store only had to a size 10 and I think that is the largest size they make but the tank runs a little big. I thought is was a very comfortable tank but I couldn't get over the look. I felt that I was wearing an apron or smock. I pulled the tank down to make it less bubbly at the bottom and it made it look better in front but the puckers on the back elastic just make it look weird and cheap. The wide straps on the circle mesh inner tank are super comfortable but offer no support. They are just a wide band of very stretchy elastic that is the same as used in the Run Fast short. The tank is pretty long when you pull it down - it came down to my crotch. I like the look of the inner tank - the neckline is kind of squared off. Lululemon should just make the inner tank and leave the shell off.

I also tried on the Modern Crew Neck Tee but the fit and feel reminds me of a cheap Russell tee. I just don't get the appeal of Lululemon's cotton tee shirts. They are expensive for what they are and very plain (I didn't try the print on it was not attractive) - no decorative stitching, no unfinished edges, and a very blocky fit. I think there are a lot better tee shirt companies out there, at least in the US and LA area.

There was no other new stuff for me to try on. The store had a couple of returned Effortess hoodies - they didn't get any in yet - and one person bought one of them when I was there.

The stuff on the markdown racks was a bunch of Groove pants for $89 which isn't really much of a markdown and Groove shorts for $34. Other than that, nothing has been marked down that hasn't been marked down for awhile.