Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lululemon Lab - Spin Me Tee - Like It!

I used to think the Lululemon Lab's clothes were a little too out-there to be practical but for the past few months they've come out with a lot of very cute wearable items. This is the Spin Me Tee made out of circle mesh with a power mesh back panel. It comes in black and is $64. I would love if this made it into production as-is except make the upper arms a little looser - it looks like it is pulling on her.

I would love if Lululemon came out with a plain, solid colored long-sleeve tee made out of a technical fabric like running luon or light luon to throw on over a tank or sports bra to use on cooler days. It would be the long sleeve equivalent of the Cool Racerback - a simple basic top with clean lines that I could get in multiple colors. It doesn't need pleats or color blocking, just a flattering fit. I guess it would be the technical version of the Modern Tee except with a long sleeve.

News on Inspire Pullover

Scuttlebutt on Facebook was that the US GEC mistakenly let some people phone order the new Inspire Pullover. They were later contacted and told they can't sell it until it hits the stores and the orders were cancelled. However, it sounds like it will be fore sale pretty soon. The price is going to be $99 and the available colors are: heathered lolo (I would think it should be called static based on the above photo), heathered senorita pink, static black, solid black, and static coal wave stripe. I'm kind of bummed static coal isn't an option but static black sounds promising as does a solid black. Since the Inspire is coming out so soon, I think I will wait to cut the tags off my Effortless Hoodie.

New Tank - Awareness Tank & Sage Twist Pant


This picture just popped on Facebook with no information. I can't tell from the photos whether it is one tank or two. The top one looks like some sort of loose, blousy shaped halter tank. The bottom has a back similar to the Salutation but the straps look a little too wide and the fabric looks like it's luxtreme. As soon as I find more information I will update this post. 

A reader says this is the Awareness Tank. It's one piece with an inner layer of fitted circle mesh and outer luxtreme layer.

Hmmm, I am going to have to try this on. I like the thick straps, they look the same as those used in the Push UR Limits. The straps have a fat piece of super strong elastic inside and are very supportive. The outer layer is a bit baggy looking and not flattering but sometimes those tops are so comfortable on because nothing is hugging your middle and you have all that lovely air cooling your belly. I bet it would look much better in a solid black. I'd like to see if modeled by a few more people but the top dips too low in the front and the thin straps and fat straps don't really "go" together well. The elastic back is not quite right either. Because this is a double layer tank, I bet the price is over $60.

The Sage Twist Pant

There is also a new pant out. I'll update the post when I find out what these are. The waistband is very cute. This is the Sage Twist Pant. It is made of luon and is a medium rise, slim-fitting straight leg pant. The waistband is attached at the side of the pant so you can wear it in the front or in the back. It also comes in River Rock / Oasis / Gray.