Friday, August 27, 2010

Request for Lululemon - Can you put the new Mesh Headwraps on the US Side of the Website?

Dear Lululemon,

Can you please upload the newest Mesh Headwraps to the US side of website? I want to get at least three of the colors - Lolo, Citron, and Oasis - so that is almost like me buying a CRB. The Senorita Headwrap you uploaded last week sold out in a few days so there is a very hungry market for headwraps.


A Lululemon Headband Addict

Lolo Define Error Finally Fixed

I see the price is back up to $99. Who got a deal? It pays to be anal and go through every new upload.  ;-)

Product Alert: Marvelous Merino Wool Scarf

Product Details:

  • Extra long scarf to keep the wind out on cold winter mornings on the way to work or the gym
  • 100% merino wool is naturally warm and naturally awesome.
  • Hand wash, lay flat to dry
If I lived in a cold climate, I'd be all over this scarf. I love the color and the simple design. Nice!

Heathered Ivy and Gather and Crow Change

I think the Fireside Hoodie is totally grandma-ish but I'm posting this for the color - Heathered Ivy. Are we going to see some naturals at last? I just got a lolo Push UR Limits (oh my gosh is lolo a great color for dark brunettes with green eyes) but am thinking I might take it back to save space in my closet for some pretty green tanks. (Ok, I'm not going to take it back but might sell my Bubbilicious/Coal Push) I haven't seen tops in natural colors from Lululemon in three years since Anise, Ivory, Branch, Fox, and Teak were out. I. Cannot. Wait.

New Gather and Crow

 Boogie Crop

It looks like the Gather and Crow crops have been updated - they are now missing the string at the bottom. This makes them look a little (a lot) more like the Boogie crops. I like the Boogie crops but always thought they should be a little shorter and the opening a little tighter and less flappy. The new version of the Gather and Crows might solve this. I'll have to try them on. I had reported the Boogies were being discontinued back in June and being replaced with the Gather and Crow. It seems I was not misinformed.

Got My Effortless Hoodie - It's a Keeper!!!

I got my Effortless today and love it. It doesn't fit me as long or loose as it does on the model on the Lululemon website but it hasn't fit like that on any other real life or educator photo I've seen yet. The photo above is taken from the reviews section of the lululemon website. I think the Effortless looks really cute on her and it fits me about the same way lengthwise. Yes, the arms are on the snug side. However, nearly every Lululemon long sleeve top or jacket tends to fit me snug in the upper arm. I am in my mid-forties and my upper arms have thickened. My french terry Flashback and Remix Lulu Light eventually stretched out in the arms. I think that will happen with the Effortless, too. I think one reason people really notice the narrow arms is because the french terry used in the Effortless is not as stretchy as that used in most other Lululemon french terry jackets. The fabric content of the Effortless is 80% organic cotton and 20% polyester. If any of you have tried on the men's Revive sweatshirt, it has the same fabric except the Revive arms are wider and the Revive has a ribbed panel up the side.

I layed some of my other jackets on top of the Effortless to compare measurements and help you determine fit. All the comments are comparing size 12s to size 12s. The arms in my Remix Lulu Light are about 1" narrower than the Effortless, however since they are stretchier they feel more comfortable. My size 10 Flashback jacket has arms that are about 1.5" narrower. The arms of my Define are 1" narrower.

One thing I really like about the Effortless is that the bottom hem is curved and the back is longer than the front by about 2". It is long enough so that it covers my rear.

I compared the length of my Wear With All (WWA) to the Effortless. The WWA is about 4" narrower at the bottom hem and about 2" longer. I also compared the length and width of my Remix Light. The Remix Light is about 3" narrower along the sides and the Effortless is about 2" longer than the Remix Light.

Lots of people have commented that they don't like the distressed seams. It's a matter of personal taste whether you like them or not. I happen to really like the super-casual beachy look of this hoodie. I think the frayed seams are what "makes" this hoodie. I ordered the heathered lolo purple and love L-O-V-E the color. It's almost a denim look and not too purple.

I hope some of this comparison info helps you. I think if the hoodie appeals to you, order it and try it. It is a tricky fit so it is hard to tell from photos if it will work for your body. I plan to wear this as a heavy top rather than use as an outer layer. I think it will work perfectly for fall in Southern California.

Here are some other photos I've found of people in the Effortless. I think how much you like it will depend on whether you are long in the torso (if it's too short it will look too boxy), how hippy you are, etc.

I think with the straight fit Lululemon was going for a modified boyfriend look with the Effortless. This sweatshirt reminds me a lot of the men's Revive which I bougth for my brother in law but may keep for myself.