Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Items - Insight Crop and Shady Brimmed Beanie (Update)

New Crop - The Insight Crop. I don't have any details yet but they look like they are a running crop. I am very intrigued by the zipper at the bottom since this is an area that feels constricted on me when I use my running crops for spin. It doesn't happen in all my running crops but I really feel it in the ones that have the circle mesh at the leg opening since the mesh isn't as stretchy as the luxtreme. I hope they come in my size and show up at my local store to try on.

I just got a product alert on these and they are made of luon so they are not a running crop, even though they look like one. They are a medium rise pant.  They come in solid black, black and alarming, and static charcoal. Here is a photo of a person wearing it, so they are supposed to be ankle length:

Shady Brimmed Beanie

The knit hat with a brim has been popular here in Southern California for a few years with tween and teenage boys so I'm not sure if this hat is for men or women. It looks like it's displayed next to the women's stuff so I assume it's for women. I prefer my lululemon logos a little more "hidden" and not so blatant. Either way, this hat is a pass for me but it's cute. I would almost think it's more appropriate for the Ivivva market.

Lululemon Lab - Utility Short

These shorts are made by the Lululemon Lab and called the Utility Short. They are organic cotton. I like the longer length than typical lululemon shorts. They remind me of an older style of shorts by Lululemon called the Relaxed Fit short:

What was nice about Lululemon a couple of years ago is that they offered Tall versions of some shorts and skirts where the inseams were a couple of inches longer than the regular inseam. I own a couple of pairs of tall Boogie On shorts, tall Relaxed Fit shorts, and have tried on tall Reverse Groove shorts. I have also tried on some of the older running skirts in Tall versions. It's too bad they don't offer tall versions anymore. I like my Biker Groove Shorts but they are just a couple of inches too long. They are not hemmed like typical reverse groove shorts - they have a small cuff - so I would loose that if I had them take up. I wouldn't mind if Lululemon offered more shorts that had something like a 9" inseam. To me that is a perfect length for exercise - too long for it to ride up with motion and short enough to provide cooling.