Friday, August 20, 2010

Love for Senorita Pink

My Senorita Pink mesh headband came today and reminded me how much I love this color. It's so energetic and peppy - it just pumps me up for a workout to wear it. I know it's a color that's been out for a few seasons but I actually only have one top in Senorita Pink - a solid Scoop Neck. I would love more of this color so I hope it comes out in some tops that I like.

A Rant on the newest Push UR Limits Colors

Ok, why did Lululemon make the new Senorita and River Rock Push UR Limts virtually the same? They used Static Dark Classic Sport Gray for the body and changed the color of the straps. They already had a Push with a dark classic sport body and black straps. Why have three of the same? Why would I want three virtually identical Push UR Limits? I have no problem owning the same top in different colors - I have six Deep Vs and something like eight Cool Racerbacks. I would have bought a Senorita Pink version with gray straps. I might have bought a River Rock with gray straps. I also really like the initial version with the black straps. Now that you made them all the same I'm only going to get one when I might have potentially bought all three. What idiot thought this was a good idea? 

I was really looking forward to the Senorita Pink Push UR Limits - oh well

On the other hand, the lolo and power purple one is quite nice. I wish I had a back view that showed the contrasting straps better.