Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Mesh Headwrap Love - Lolo (& new Skinny Pirouette Headbands)

I didn't realize there was a mesh headwrap in lolo purple. I must have this! When are these new colors coming to the US? (This photo is from a Canadian store). If anyone has seen any of these colors in a US store, let us know. I haven't seen these mentioned in my US Product Alerts or seen it in my local stores.

 Photo of the New Skinny Satin Pirouette Headbands - Senorita, Lolo, Alarming

Cool Racerback in Sidewalk Coal Stripe Coming, Lolo Purple Push UR Limits Coming

I just got a product alert that the CRB is coming in a Sidewalk Coal Stripe. Hmmm. I'm very interested. It would probably look similar to this:

As soon as I get a photo, I'll post it.

Got another product alert that said they had Lolo and Senorita Pink Push UR Limits.

Update - The Senorita Pink Push UR Limits has Dark Classic Sport Gray in it and there is a River Rock Static Dark Classic Sport Gray, too.

OT: Google Ads

So I put Google Ads on the blog to "monetize" my blog (BTW, have received Zero dollars) and I see this ad pop up. Why would they put an ad for an Indian Matrimonial service on a blog about athletic clothes? Then I read through my latest post and see my link to Sherpani bags. Too funny.

Today's Upload

Whisper/Ash Pencil Sketch Scuba

If my hubby weren't on the warpath, I'd be ordering this hoodie even if it is a bit impractical for Southern California. I am totally loving this and the black one.

Coal/Black Pencil Sketch Scuba

Travel Pooch V

I never want to be a woman who carries a fanny pack but I would break my vow for the Travel Pooch V. I think this is the least fanny pack looking of all the Travel Pooches. I want to check this out when it hits the stores. The $48 price tag is a bit of a barrier for me, though. For that money, I could get  tank instead. I have a shoulder bag from Sherpani that I really like. Too bad lulu couldn't come up with something like that instead of a fanny pack style.

Static Charcoal Scoop Neck

I am loving both this and the lolo Scoop Necks. I have one Scoop Neck and find it flattering and comfortable but since they are made of full weight luon, I tend to wear it only in the colder weather. I may have to change my mind for this one, though. I need to try this one on next time I'm in the store.

Express Yourself Wrap

The Express Yourself Wrap has my ideal wrap shape - long enough to cover my butt and full length sleeves. However, it's $118 and I really want one made of cotton tee shirt type material.

Eagle Bra

The Eagle Bra is the only surprise in today's upload. I found this in the hidden lulu stuff from a few weeks ago. I think this is the last of the hidden lulu items.

I really like the band on these groove crops.

Commit Tank

The Commit Tank is probably my favorite of the latest to come out. My try on review is here. I hope more tanks are going to show up in lolo.