Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Art Hoodie Details

Lululemon posted detail photos of the embroidery and prints on the new art hoodies. What is funny is that my last post is about how much I like my Coal Vancouver Remix Light "love" hoodie and what is embroidered on the new hoodies? Love. Way to venture out of the box, Lululemon.

I am kind of liking the etched butterfly. I think it would look great on a tank. Hint. Hint.

Etched Rose Detail

See how pretty these were? I don't recall many of these on the markdown rack. If you ever venture into prints again, why not make the negative-type print with a black background and gray print? I'd love that.

More Product Alert Pics and Other Comments

Inner Strength in River Rock

Stride in River Rock - This pic is a truer representation than the above. River Rock is kind of greenish.

Scoop in Lolo - I love this combination. I might have to get this tank.

Peace of Mind in Citron (note the new shorts)

Details on the Peace of Mind Vest - I didn't realize the hood was edged in Coal

All the colors in the Revitalize Singlet - Oasis, Citron Coal, Alarming and Black

Although I'm not a big remix fan (too short for me and too heavy for SoCal), I like that they are embroidering designs on the hoodies. If I have a choice between embroidery and a print, I always try to buy sweatshirts or tops with embroidery - it makes it a little nicer in my opinion. The Remix Lights from last year had some embroidery on it. I have the Coal/Vancouver with "Love" embroidered on the sleeve. I know some of the Remixes had the same "love" and "om" on them, too.  I'll be interested to see the embroidery on the new Remixes.

 Remix Light with "love" on the Sleeve

Remix Light with "OM" Embroidered on the Sleeve

I think of the two prints, I like the butterfly best. I wish they would put a print like that on a tunic length long sleeve tee. I like the subtle tone on tone prints. The 5 year tee from last year with the swan and the flowers were too loud, for lack of a better word. For these prints, the shirt wore you, not the other way around.

Cute Tank from the Lab - Sweat Once A Day

This tank reminds me of quite a few - the Dance Twisted, Free Ya, Rhythmic. Lululemon should consider putting this into wide distribution. I love the clean, simple lines. The Sweat Once a Day is made of luxtreme with a circle mesh built in bra. I pull out my luxtreme tops a lot to wear on hot days- the Twisted is one of my favorites. The Sweat Once a Day is $54 from the lab. There is a woman on facebook who will shop at the lab for you and send it to you for a nominal fee. I wish you could order lab stuff from them directly.

Product Alert - New Travel Pooch

The travel pooch has been updated to match the Fast in Flight and Bon Voyage Duffle. I think this version is the cutest yet.

Exclusive Scoop!!! - New Online-Only Limited Edition Remix Hoodies Coming Soon

I just got some exciting news from a Lululemon insider. It looks like there will be a surprise online tomorrow for  Remix fans. Lululemon is coming out with a web-exclusive collection of Remixes that feature etched or embroidered designs on black and gray Remixes. They are called the Art Series Etched Hoodies. The hoodies were designed by a graphic artist on the design team and are available in limited quantities. I have a couple of photos to wet your appetite - they look pretty! Be sure to be online around 8 am for tomorrow's upload.

Here is a close up view:

And the close up view:

Some more pics:

Shopping Trip Report & Pics of New Stuff

I took a quick trip to the El Segundo store. There were no surprises in the store. The newest tanks they had are what we've been seeing on Facebook - the new colors of the Scoop Neck, Inner Strength, and Commit Tanks. In fact, if you are an Inner Strength fan, you will be very happy - it seemed like the store had a ton of versions of the tank - lolo/power purple, river rock/stch, senortia/dcsg, alarming/stch, white/hcwe, oasis/river rock. There are also a ton of new stride jackets in River rock, lolo, white (with hcwe- heathered coal wee stripe), and dark classic sport gray/senorita. I also saw the new Express Yourself wrap but didn't try it on. I know I am not going to get it - it's made of that thin knit that I know I will snag. It also costs $118. I'm sure I can find a similar wrap at Nordstrom Rack for a lot less money.

New Scoop Neck Colors

Senorita DCSG Inner Strength Tank

Some photos of the Peace of Mind Vest showing the reverse pattern. It's made of ripstop and filled with 600 fill goose down. It comes in black, citron, and senorita. If you are looking for a down vest for winter, check these out. The Lululemon vests have a great feminine shape, unlike most vests which are too blocky. 600 fill goose down is way overkill for Southern California winters but I'd get this one if I needed it. I wish they made a vest similar to this for fall. It doesn't have to be goose down, maybe lined with thinsulate or something thin and not too warm. I am in the market for lightweight vest for weather in the 30s/40s. I was considering vests from LL Bean but they are so boring.

Senorita Pink Peace of Mind Vest

Peace of Mind Vest - Reverse Side

Product Alert - Express Yourself Wrap

I saw this in the store this afternoon. It was $118 and it the same kind of cashmere blend as the Zen wrap. I was in a hurry so I didn't try it on.
  • Bundle up and stay cozy after your double header of power & yin!
  • Made with rayon derived from bamboo, cashmere blend
  • Loose, long wrap that covers your bum- perfect for pairing with your yoga or run tights
  • Thumbholes keep your sleeves down and hands warm!
  • Preshrunk
  • $118

Upload Thursday Wishes and A Couple of New Pics

What is everyone looking for tomorrow? The stores haven't released too many photos of new things this week so I am not anticipating any surprises. I think a couple product alerts may have mistakenly indicated there are circle mesh CRBs coming in lolo and alarming. I know the stores often get the colors wrong but on the chance they are real, I am hoping for new colors in mesh CRBs - my newest obsession. Also, if the Zoom Singlet showed up in new colors, I'd love that. Other than that, there is nothing I lust for except a previously unseen tank design that blows me away.

Express Yourself Wrap - I am hoping to see this in a store today. I am curious to know what the back of it looks like.

Oasis Push UR Limits (so flattering on bustier women) and Classic Sport Gray/ Senorita Scoop Neck

Celebs in Lululemon

Kate Walsh in Speed Shorts. This was taken during filming of Private Practice so these will be on tv. Lululemon is all over TV lately. I am waiting for it to show up on Covert Affairs because the lead is always working out. So far she has only worn Adidas. Lululemon, send some clothes over to Covert Affairs!