Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lulu on Real People - Community Jacket, Community Pant, Ultra Crops, Vinyasa Hat, and more

One of my concerns about the Community Jacket was that it was an inch or two too short and would hit me at my widest part, kind of like it does on this woman. The CJ looks awesome on the model on the website, but in the real life photos, not nearly as nice. Maybe they need to go up one size to make it look like it does on the model. This is a jacket I need to try on before I buy.

However, the Community Pant looks awesome on this woman. She must have really long legs.

I like the Ultra crops on this woman. Sure, they're a bit mom-like but I'm a mom so I like them.  ;-)

 OK, this is a cool look for my 11-year old son, but for me? Not so much.

The Revitalize Singlet looks like it runs big through the waist. It's comfy but not very figure flattering. I'll have to try it on but since I am not consumed with lust upon seeing photos of this tank, that's usually a sign I won't like it.

Along with heathered coal wee stripe, I have a fatal attraction to dark classic sport gray. I'm thinking I need to get the static dark classic sport gray Cool Racerback, too.

Th Journey Jacket is a cute jacket, but I'd like to see it one size up on this woman. The pockets are pulling outwards and making "c" shapes on her chest.

 Static Dark Classic Sport Gray and Senorita Stride Jacket with matching Power Y

Ah, the Vinyasa scarf. Not much call for scarves in Southern California. However, running luon is so soft, I could get it to use as a blankie to rub my cheek against when I take a nap, like when I was a little toddler. Hmmmm. It might be worth it. Lululemon should make lounge wear from running luon. I'd buy it.

The Savasana comes in the pencil sketch print.

Static Oasis Cool Racerback

Today's Upload - Some Goodies

 Wish Blue Circle Mesh CRB

Static Lolo Cool Racerback

Some goodies were uploaded today - what did you order? I ordered the Wish Blue Circle Mesh CRB and the Static Lolo Cool Racerback.

Community Jacket in Lolo Purple - Gorgeous!

I am loving the Community Jacket, especially in lolo. The earlier photo did not do it justice in terms of the subtle design details like the shirring at the pockets. I would order it in a second but I have spent a ton on Lululemon over the last few months so need to try and chill out. I might change my mind and decide I can't live without this when I try it on in the store.

Journey Jacket
The Journey Jacket is pretty cute, too. I would love it even more if it were a couple of inches longer. I'll have to try this on at the store.

 Eagle Tank in Alarming

The Eagle Tank is tempting me but I know I wouldn't actually wear it to the gym - just around the house on hot summer days (which haven't even shown up here in Southern California this summer!). I think it would be cute under a burn-out tee shirt I have but $48 is a lot for a top hat is impratical for how I would use it so I'll pass for now.
Vinyasa Toque in Static Coal (love this color!)

I am also tempted by the Vinyasa Togue made of running luon. I love running luon so much I would buy almost anything made of it. However, it rarely gets cold enough here for me to put a hat on to keep warm. The only reason I use a hat is to shade my eyes from the sun. If these show up in my store I have to try them on. I love this new Static Coal color in the running luon and am looking forward to getting a long sleeve top in this color - provided it isn't mucked up with decorative stripes down the center of my back.

The only thing I am disappointed that didn't show up today was the new colors in the Mesh Headwrap. I'll have to check the store or call the GEC.