Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Revitalize Tee in Real Life, Community Jacket, Baseball Hat

Run: Revitalize Tee

This top looks like it has a cute fit. I'm not really a fan of static for color blocking. I guess it's kind of boring to use coal or black for the contrast color. However, it is a running tee and running bottoms only come in black or coal. It also has the black stripe of cotton down the back. Why? There is just too much going on in the design of this top - There is contrasting band of color under the arms, around the back and around the neck, not to mention vertical seams in the front and back, and pouffed sleeves. Is the black seam down the back really needed? I find it visually jarring and it ruins the line of the top. Less Is More.

It looks like the new Running Baseball hat does have some ruching in the back.

A woman on facebook posted a photo of her new Community Jacket. It's made of Swift and Luxtreme with a circle mesh liner. The price is $128. This is the lolo purple one. It looks like a nice basic windbreaker type jacket. However, it appears the outer swift sleeve doesn't go all the way to your wrist, like in the Seek the Peak jacket. I hope the luxtreme part of the sleeve is some sort of cuffin because I really hate 3/4-type sleeves.

Scuba Shaped Hoodie is Arriving in the US

Static Oasis CRB

Cool Racerback in Static Oasis

I really like this color! I think solid Oasis is a bit overwhelming against my skin but the static mutes it just enough. I like static much better than the hideous Space Dye. I wonder if other tank styles will come out in this color. I haven't bought a new CRB in awhile but this might be the exception.

New Items - Run : Revitalize Tech Tee and Run: Revitalize Singlet

Run: Revitalize Tech Tee and Run: Revitalize Singlet in Center

Run: Revitalize Singlet - Back Detail

I'm going to have to try this on. From the view on the hanger, I don't think it is nearly as cute as my current favorite, the Run: Zoom Singlet, but maybe it looks really cute on.

Back View of the Run: Revitalize Tech Tee