Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Pics of the Latest Stuff

Alarming Scuba Hoodie. I'm hearing good things about the black one - it's softer and more giving than the other colors. I might try and hit a store tomorrow to see if it's in Southern California. I know my local stores got the Wear With Alls and the Fireside jacket and pants. You'd think they'd have the Scuba, too.

Fireside pant - Too bad they didn't make the leg wider at the bottom

Everyday Yoga Jacket

Entire Fireside outfit - Jacket and pants - just not that flattering IMO

I'm curious to see the Cross Train pullover on a more busty figure. If I find a photo I'll post it.

 Latest Wear With Alls

If you look on the wall you can see the citron hood to the charcoal WWA - it almost makes me want to get this one. The girl on the right is also wearing the charcoal one.

Shows the dip die inside of the Savasana

Pic - Everyday Yoga Jacket

Everyday Yoga Jacket - another of the "hidden" items showing up

Potion Purple Stride Jacket - is this a late arrival or has it been out for awhile?

Alarming Cross Train Pullover

Alarming Run Swiftly Long Sleeve