Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Stuff - Fireside Jacket

Fireside Jacket

Heathered Charcoal WWA has dip-dyed hood that goes from Citron to Black - cute!

Better photo of the Coal Pencil Sketch WWA

New Stuff - Fast in Flight Bag, Fireside Pant, Seamless Underwear

New French Terry pant - Fireside Pant

Fast In Flight Bag

Smooth Moves Seamless Underwear

I'll give these a try but I've found that seamless underwear tends to creep up during spin class. Anyone buy these yet? I wonder if they are discontinuing the Technikinis for these.

Recharge Tank - Close Up of Silverescent Cirlce Mesh Fabric

You can see the pattern of the Silverescent Circle Mesh fabric in this photo. If I find an even better one that this I'll post it. Although I think this tank is rather fug, I am curious about the new fabric. Anyone try this tank on yet?

Today's Upload

Lots of new cute things uploaded today but nothing I haven't already bought.

Static Wave Stripe Scoop Neck

Besides the Fouette tank, this is probably my favorite top that was uploaded today.

 The cute striped Commit tank was not uploaded. I like that one the best.

Be sure to ask for cups with the Citron Push UR Limits 

I really like my new Fouette tank. I had to size down since it wasn't offered in a 12 but some people are saying their normal size fits fine. If a size 10 tank fits me without constricting me around the ribcage and I don't spill out of the top then I consider a tank to run large. If you want to get this tank but are unsure of sizing, I  recommend posting a message on Facebook to get a larger pool of responses.

The fabric looks odd on these Inspire crops. Is it a trick of the lighting? The wrinkle by her hip makes the luxtreme look like velvet. Weird.

I can't say I'm a fan of this color in the Swiftly fabric - it's too muted. If Alarming is tomato red, then swiftly alarming is cream of tomato soup red. It's funny, I think the armholes look higher in some of the older colors shown on the website but this is the new higher-armhole design. The straps are also a little wider. It looks like the Swiftly racerbacks are now only going up to a size 10 which I don't understand.

The front straps are definitely a little wider on the new version.

I like the waistband on these Wunder Unders.

Just not a fan of this top for $88.

The name of the Loot section has now been changed to "We Made Too Much". Loot was more fun.