Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hero Manifesto Long Sleeve Now Arriving in US Stores

This showed up in a couple of the stores I follow on Facebook. It's one of the tops from the "hidden" collection. I wonder if it will be uploaded tomorrow.

Are you hoping to see anything tomorrow?

What are your upload Thursday wishes? As usual, I am hoping for a tank I haven't seen yet but I'm thinking the upload will probably be the Recharge, Fouette, Inspire Crops, Track and Field Jacket, Dance Crops, Reflection Vest - all the stuff we've seen in the photos.

Pics - Senorita Pink Commit Coming & More

One of my product alerts mistakenly included this pic for the Commit tank. So it looks like Senorita Pink will be back for the third year in a row. Lululemon has lots of nice hot pinks - how about Sangria, Raspberry, Fruity Tootie,or something else for a change of pace?

A better photo series showing the difference in cut in the Run: Swiftly Racerback. I wish we had a front view of the two, also. I wonder if the front straps are a bit wider. Has anyone seen this in a size 12 in their stores?

 Dance Crop - going for the mom jeans look

Recharge Tank Group - I'd probably like a solid version better

Free To Be Bra on a busty woman - the guys in her gym will love it when she bends over

Fouette tank on the same busty woman - I wouldn't mind seeing the next size up on her

Pic to show the Recharge tank and matching Inspire crops