Friday, July 23, 2010

More Pics of New Stuff

Citron Define and new Speed Shorts - Ok, the shorts don't look too bad in the striped material. 

Fouette Tank Up Close

Run: Reflection Skirt - Field Hockey Stick Extra

Sorry, this skirt reminds me of the skirts the Field Hockey team wore at my high school. I'm flashing back to bad memories of gym class and bruised shins.

Pics of New Stuff - Commit Tank, Run: Reflection Vest, Revitalize Skirt, Push UR Limits in New Colors & More

One of the stores posted their wall of new stuff. This is what I see - Track and Field Jacket, Swiftly tees in Alarming and Oasis, Run: Reflection Vest in a hideous stripe pattern, Run: Inspire Crop, Reflection Skirt, the new tank made of the mesh/silverescent material in a hideous color blocking. I'm not sure what jackets/tops are hanging to the left of the new crops but it looks interesting.

Run: Reflection Vest

Not a fan of this stripe pattern in the photo, maybe it looks better in person. I know from the "hidden" photos that it also comes in solid coal. This is made of the new material that has the reflectivity built in. Anyone know the price? I'm sure it's hefty.

Re-engineered Run: Swiftly Racerback

The Run: Swiftly Racerback has been re-engineered to make the armholes smaller. I'm not seeing it in these photos but I'll definitely try it on at the store.

New Scoop Necks

New Push UR Limits in Alarming, Oasis, and Citron (better get the cups with Citron)

Fouette Tanks in Citron and Oasis

Commit Tank
The Commit is basically the All Out tank with a much higher neckline. It also comes in Coal and Black.

Revitalize Skirts(not sure this is the right name)

 New Scuba Hoodie