Friday, July 16, 2010

Pics: Rock Out pant, Jackets & OT: Zobha Stuff

Alarming Power Y & matching Mindful Shorts

Power Ys in Oasis and Alarming are starting to hit the stores in the US. They weren't at my local store yesterday, only the Oasis Inner Strength tank was. I'm heading out to Phoenix and Tucson soon (crazy, I know, to visit in summer) so I'm hoping to see these colors while I am there.

Oasis Power Y & Rock Out Pants

Wow, these pants look great on this girl. I think the v-shape of the color band is very flattering, no matter how big your booty. I think I am going to have to try on the Rock Out Pant. Does anyone have the older style Fit pant? Are the Rock Out pants similar? The Fit pant were a low rise, straight legged pant but the band of color was more like piping and it went straight across rather than a v-shape in the back.

 Define Jackets in Coal/Citron and Oasis

Collection of Stride Jackets

Collection of Static Charcoal tops and  Groove crop bottoms

I received my sale Zobha stuff yesterday. I had bought this tank during their big sale for $25. It's much longer than the Classic Racerback I had bought before - I can pull it down to cover my rear. I also went up a size to get a better fit through the stomach and hips since Zobha's tanks don't flare quite as much as Lululemon's (neither do the Beyond Yoga tanks, this is probably why so many women love lululemon). It does fit looser but the chest feels a bit too loose to me. I probably should have stuck to my normal size in this tank. Ugh, this is one reason I hate to mail order clothes. The material feels very similar to luon and quite different than the first tank I ordered from Zobha - thicker and less stretchy. It's a comfortable tank that gives me moderate support by itself.

I also ordered these Navy leggings for $25. I think the legs are a little roomier than the Wunder Unders. I was pleasantly surprised by the feel of the material and fit of the crops. I thought they felt pretty nice and very similar to lululemon.  It's hot as heck here right now so I won't be wearing these for a couple of months and won't be able to comment more on how it moves and wears. The Zobha Navy is very close to Lululemon's Deep Navy so I can wear then with my Lululemon DN stuff. The rise is low - just like in the photo. 

I also ordered this coverup for $22. The material is very thin Pima cotton which I like since I prefer light weight tee material. It's fine for $22 but the original $64 seems high for what this is.

Product Alert - Light Up Skirt

  • Stay in the spot light with this technical biking skirt! Great for outdoor rides, or a studio cycle!
  • Power luxtreme liner for muscle support & wicking swift skirt for light weight coverage
  • Reflective features keep you visible on night rides   
  • Lightweight quick-dry chamois for padded comfort   
  • Hem gripper elastic prevents short from riding up, or flip it up!
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
I wouldn't really think about wearing a skirt to bike in but a woman wore one to my spin class just last week. The material of her skirt was more like luon than this skirt but it looked cute on her. This skirt doesn't really wow me. I don't care for the "X"s at all.