Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lots of Pics of New Stuff - Rock Out Pants, Everywear Bag, Defines, Strides, Power Y, Inner Strength Tank, Grooves, + More

Lots of things hitting the stores in the new colors but no new tanks designs or designs that I want another of so nothing is compelling me to run down to the store. Maybe the upload will have a surprise.

Everywear Bag

A relatively small gym bag by Lululemon standards. The bag comes in black, oasis, citron, alarming. Since I carry my spin shoes to the gym this wouldn't work for me.

Rockout Pants - Low Rise and Straight Leg at bottom

Inner Strength Tank with matching Rock Out Pants

Oasis Power Y with Static Charcoal/Oasis/Riverrock Knockout Shorts 

Define in Oasis

Define in Alarming

Define Jackets - Oasis, Coal with Citron, Citron, Coal with Static Wave Stripe, Alarming

 New Groove Pants

New Reverse Groove Shorts

Stride Jacket in Oasis with Riverrock Accents

Stride in Dark Classic Sport Gray with Alarming and Coal Accents

New Boogie Shorts

Power Ys in Citron, Oasis, and Alarming

Inner Strength Tanks in Alarming/Static Charocal, White/Coal Wave Stripe, Oasis/Riverrock

CRBs are also out in Alarming and Oasis

New Sneak Peak of a Tank/Bra? for Hot Yoga 

This looks very cute. I may have to try it on even though I know I will probably overwhelm it. It might be nice for around the house on hot summer days and under a burnout shirt or something like the Sheer Delight tank.

Is Lolo Purple Coming Back?

It seemed kind of odd that Lululemon released No Limit tanks that had Pig, Oasis, and Lolo a few weeks ago but now we've seen more Pig and Oasis items showing up as part of the fall line up. Can Lolo purple be far behind?  (Thanks to Reader Zanna for putting it all together.) Lululemon put a sneak peek photo of an upcoming gym bag on their facebook site yesterday and the purple bag in the girl's left hand looks a lot like Lolo:

So far, it looks as if last fall's color palette is being re-used. Here is the Bulerias tank from last fall in Oasis, Lolo Purple, and Torrid Alarming:

We can see Oasis and Torrid Alarming in the waistband of the new Biker Groove shorts:

I ended up not buying any tanks in these colors because I don't think I cared for any of the designs that much except for the Free Ya Tank and although it was pretty, it wasn't practical for my workouts. I'm hoping some cute tanks come out this time around. Especially in Lolo.