Saturday, July 3, 2010

Real Life Photos of Light Up Tank, Jersey, Shorts, Bra

Light Up Tank & Light Up Shorts

The Light Up tank is really sharp looking on this girl. The cups actually don't look too small for a change. I'll have to try it on and see how much cleavage I flash. I didn't notice this before but the bottom is elasticized. Maybe this is meant more for biking than running. It's a very cute biking shirt.

Light Up Short (top) and Zoom Knee Short (bottom) Side View Comparison

Light Up Shorts in Black and Coal with Heathered Coal Wee Stripe

Light Up Jersey

Too bad the jerseys don't have more color blocking to enhance visibility and make it more visually interesting.

 Light Up Bra

I Just Wanna Run Tanks in Wish Blue, Citron, and Pig

Run: Jog Skirt in Pig