Monday, June 28, 2010

Pics of New Stuff

Define in Citron

I can't say I think the new zipper design is an improvement to the Define Jacket. I much prefer the old-style zipper.  What do you guys think?  I read the new zipper is metal rather than plastic. I don't know if that's true but if it is, I hope it's not the same zipper they used on the Flashback jackets. That zipper hurts when you rub your hand against it.

Defines with more subtle zippers and the hair tie pull

This photo showed up on the Saskatoon FB page. I'm not sure if this is Potion Purple or another purple. I almost think it's potion since the crops look like the static charcoal and potion Mynah crops. If it's a new purple, I like it.

I like the ombre fades on these gym bags. I wish lululemon would make tanks and tees that fade like this. They have come out with a few cotton tanks with the fade and a luxtreme top. I think it's such a pretty look.

Older Expression Tank and Trail Tech Shirt with an ombre fade

These are nice pinks but I think they are wasted in the men's line. I can't say I see a lot of men wearing pink at my gym. I especially like the top pink - bring it over to the women's side, lulu!

Stow N Go Jackets Now in Loot for $29

The Stow N Go jackets are now in Loot for $29. I bought one last week and used it a few times already. I really like this jacket. It is a perfect light weight windbreaker to carry in a backpack when the summer days turn cooler. I also wore this after heading home from the gym as a cover up. It's great for when it's too hot to wear luon. However, make sure to towel off well because if you are still perspiring, like I was after spin class, the jacket will stick to you and locks your body heat in with you. Once I cooled off, the jacket was great to wear while running errands.

This jacket fits really large so I recommend sizing down two sizes from your normal tank size to get a fit similar to that show in the above photo. If you want a snugger fit, like in the photo of the passion jacket below, size down three sizes.

The passion and white are somewhat see through so be aware. I bought a black one. I know people have said the black reminds them of a hefty bag but black is my preferred jacket color. Also, there is a review on the Lululemon site where a woman reported a bit of bleeding of the color when she wore hers in the rain. She must have gotten it pretty wet because she said water came through the seams. I wore mine in a water ride at Disneyland and it got splashed a good bit, but nothing came off on my shirt or came through the seams. She didn't say what color she bought but I wonder if it was the passion version.

 White and Passion are rather see-through