Saturday, June 26, 2010

Real Life Photos of Get Started and Run: With It Jacket

For those of you thinking about getting the Get Started jacket that is now in Loot, here are some real life photos of it. This is another jacket that I think looks best viewed from the rear.

The two cutest pics I have found of the Run: With It Jacket. Most photos I have seen of this jacket do not look flattering at all. I think you have to size down to get rid of the boxiness.

Great Photo Series Showing the Same Outfit in Two Different Sizes/Body Types

The Edmonton Facebook page has a great photo series showing the same outfits in two different sizes. I would guess a size 6 and a size 10. It's a great illustration that Lululemon looks flattering on a variety of body types and I applaud the store for posting these photos and hope to see more.

Pig Pink Define Jacket and Coal/Pig Stratus Wunder Unders

Black Stride Jacket with Wunder Under Stratus Crops

Wish Blue Define with matching Stratus Wunder Under Crops

Pig Hip Halter Tank with Shanti Crops (top) & Pig Power Y with Coal/Pig Stratus Wunder Unders (bottom)
It's rare to see lululemon being modeled by an educator who isn't a size four or a size six so that is why I am including these photos.

Wish Blue Cool Racerback with Wunder Under Stratus Crops

Renew Dirt Dress in Wish Blue and Citron