Friday, June 25, 2010

What is Lingering in Loot

(My comments are in related to the US side of the website) There are some really attractively priced items in Loot. It's interesting to see what is not selling. Lots of Seek the Peak Black and White jackets left, even at a bargain price of $39.

Plenty of Run: With It jackets even at a great deal at $29. I think a lot of people can't figure out how to wear it attractively. Sizing down might help it's boxiness but then you run into a length issue.

People are just do not like the mesh back, short length, and boxiness of the Get Started jacket. Maybe they are also hesitant to buy a jacket made of luon light. It's not a bad deal at $49 but it'll have to be lower to get me to bite. It's been lingering at the stores at the price, too.

On the other hand, the Half Moon jackets are selling pretty well, particularly the coal with angel version at $39.

The Half Moon jacket is the cutest of them all and the most figure-flattering. The only problem is that it's pretty short and it fits very snug. If you want to fit more than a tank under it you have to size up. I wonder why they decided to put these on loot so quickly. They hardly gave them a chance in the stores. Maybe they have a lot of fall jackets in the pipeline. Or maybe they got feedback people don't like racing stripes in their Lululemon workout wear. Perhaps people have grown tired of the Shape jacket and the Half Moon is just a Shape jacket with a hood.

It's interesting the Flashback jackets and Stow N Go jackets didn't show up in loot today since those are all on sale at the stores, too. I took the tags off my Stow N Go today to wear to Disneyland and the $78 initial release price was a re-pricing. The original price the tag was printed up at under the $78 sticker was $128! Insane!