Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lovin' Loot!

It figures the day I can go to the stores, all the Loot would be uploaded to the website. It sounds like I didn't miss too much. This is what I saw and ended up buying today:

Stow N Go
I didn't realize the Stow N Go only showed up on the website last week. Like many other people have reported it was marked down to $29 at the first store I went to (the second store never got them), which I think is the perfect price for such a lightweight, featureless windbreaker. I plan to use it as a to and from jacket for the summer. It was heading towards the 80s this morning and I hate wearing a luon jacket when it's that hot. However, I like to have a jacket to put on over my tanks after I leave the gym (to cover sweat marks and skin) when I run errands. For those of you who can't try it on at a store, if this does show up on Lululemon's loot site, the jacket runs at least 2-3 sizes too big. My normal tank and jacket size is 12 (sometimes 10) and I bought a 6! I could have bought the 8 but the 6 was a little bit less poofy in the arms and body. The hood is huge so I cinched it up with the drawcords to make it smaller.

Run: Like the Wind Vest
The second Lululemon store I went to had a single black size 10 Run: Like the Wind Vest marked down to $19. The same store had the passion version last week at $34 which I tried on but passed on. Even though I don't love this vest, for $19 I'll give it a try. I plan to wear it with my Hills and Energy Pullovers when I need a little extra coverage.

The other deals I saw were not nearly as good as some have been reported. My local stores had the Half Moon jackets and crops marked down to $49. I tried on the white Half Moon but I didn't love it so I passed. It does fit a lot like the Shape jacket - very snug and short.  I saw Mynah jackets marked down to $69 and the crops were $59. The store I got the vest at had the organic ribbed racerback tank marked down to $19 which was a great deal but I've been buying very similar square necked tanks from Beyond Yoga and don't need more. The store also had the Angel Blue Energy Short Sleeve Tees marked down to $39 and had several sizes but I'm not a fan of the short sleeve version. I did try on the Gray plaid Seek the Peak, marked $39. If it had usable front pockets I might have gotten it, but I already made up my mind about the Stow N Go and I don't need two new jackets.  The store I went to only had one in the gray plaid and none of the other colors. I know they got a full size and color shipment so I think they shipped out the jackets to another store.  None of the stores I went to had the Devi marked at $39 so that is a good deal on the website. Both stores I went to had Flashback jackets at $59. I tried on the Potion version which was super cute but I have three sweat jackets already. FWIW, the Flashback jackets were not flying off the table at $59 so I'm hoping they'll go lower. There were also a few Exhale jackets for $59. I also saw the Run:With It Jackets (the poofy-sleeved vest thing) marked down to $29. I thought about getting it to use as a vest (this was before I visited the second store) but it's such a boxy fit and the sleeves hit at the fattest part of my upper arm that I passed. It turned out to be a good decision because I got the Run:With It at the next store.

Wish Blue - I saw some new stuff in Wish Blue.  It sure looks a LOT like Bold Blue. Even the educators seem to think it's very similar. Has anyone bought any Wish Blue yet? I wonder how it compares to Bold Blue. I really like it but am hoping to see other tanks in this color.